Year 2

Autumn 1
Welcome back to school! Miss Sheard and I are looking forward to a fantastic year with our lovely new class of 2017-18. This half term our topic is Lost in Space!!

We have lots of exciting lessons and activities planned, however this year in Art and DT we would like to give the children a bit more ownership in deciding what they want to make and create.

In English:

We will start by looking at funny space poetry and writing our own versions of some we like the best. We will also be looking at fantasy stories with a space theme. The children will be comparing different ones and then writing their own fantasy story based on the story of 'Bob the Man on the Moon'.

In Maths:

In Maths we will be learning the place value of two-digit numbers, addition and subtraction and number sequences. We will be solving problems and reasoning.

In Computing:
We will be using scratch to program and create animations in ‘We are Astronauts’.


In Science:
We will be focusing on investigations. We will be learning how to plan some fun investigations, what makes a fair test as well as predicting what might happen and discussing what we have found out. We will be finding out what children know already about Space and then what they would like to find out.


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