Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!
Mrs Fearnley
Miss Davies

Autumn 2


In English we are moving onto looking at biographies and autobiographies. We will do this by analysing their features and focusing on biographies of Roald Dahl.
We will then be looking at how to write effective and clear instructions. Finally, we will use these skills to write our own instruction manual for how to survive life as an Anglo-Saxon.


In Maths we will start the half term by focusing on multiplication and division. We will first be looking at square numbers, cube numbers, multiples and factors before re-capping formal written methods for both multiplication and division. We will then move onto looking at area and perimeter of rectangles and composite shapes and then finally consolidating everything we have learnt so far. 


In Science we will be moving onto our new topic of Forces. We will be looking at describing forces as either a push or pull force, the effects of gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction whilst conducting a number of investigations into these forces. 


Our new topic of Anglo-Saxons will include looking at historical and geographical aspects. We will be looking at various Anglo-Saxon place names and the locations of different invasions. The children will also look at daily Saxon village life, traditional Anglo-Saxon gods and their eventual conversion to Christianity.

Art and Design

In Design and Technology this half term we will be designing a new Anglo-Saxon outfit using historically accurate features. We will then design our own Anglo-Saxon brooch for a traditional Saxon woman and hold a mini art-exhibition for Year 3/4 at the end of the half term to show off all we have designed! 


Our PE days are Monday and Friday. On Fridays we will be continuing to use the sports hall at Kirkstall Leisure centre with a focus this half term on a range of Athletics skills. On Mondays we will be continuing with our REAL PE scheme with a main focus on the ’physical’ element of PE. 

This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of
all children, and expects our staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

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