Year 5

Autumn 1

In English we start off the year by focusing on the classic fiction novel The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We will be reading the novel as a class whilst using it to predict what might happen next, create balanced arguments and also write newspaper articles. We will then finish off the half term by looking at recounts and imagining we have been part of a UFO encounter!


In Maths we will start Year 5 by building on our prior knowledge from Year 4. We will first look at place value in numbers up to 1 million whilst re-capping our written methods of column addition and subtraction. We will also be looking at rounding up to the nearest 10,000 and extending our knowledge of Roman numerals from 1-100 up to 1000. We will then finish off the half term by looking at data and statistics.


In Science we will start off the year by focusing on Earth and Space. We will be looking at the planets as spherical objects, the order they appear in the Solar System, how they orbit the sun and finally the moons relation to the Earth.


Our first topic of Year 5 is Geography based. We will be looking at different features of our planet. We start off  by looking at what is meant by latitude and longitude, we then look at both the Arctic and Antarctic circles and contrast them with both the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. It is set to be a very interesting topic where we will learn plenty about our planet!

Art and Design

In Art and Design the children will be studying Wildlife. Linking in to our Geography topic of all around the world we will be focusing on birds, as what other animal gets to see more of the Earth than them?! We will be using a variety of art techniques such as close observational drawing of feathers, printing and layering a drawing of a bird and using sculpting techniques to create our own bird sculpture!

Our PE days are Monday and Friday. We are going to start Year 5 by looking at Basketball and the first module in our REAL PE scheme which has a cognitive focus. Please make sure the children have a full PE kit in school for both of these days. This includes a red top, shorts or leggings and trainers.






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