What we have been learning!

W/C 11-9-17

Toys that move.
This week we have been finding out which car travels the furthest. We each chose a toy car then carried out a fair test to see which car travelled the furthest. We applied our counting and measuring skills to this task, one of the cars travelled as far as 120 cubes! In phonics we have revisited the sounds 'ng' 'ai' and 'th' and have applied these in our reading and writing.
Later this week in topic we will be finding out the names of different materials and why toys are made out of certain materials.
Thank you for all of the boxes and recycling you have sent in, we will be using them next week when we start our work on robots.
W/C 4-9-17
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Welcome back to a new school year. This week the children have been getting used to their new classroom, finding out where everything belongs and following the new rules and routines in Year 1. In Maths they have been role playing shopkeepers, writing receipts and counting forwards and backwards as well as playing bingo and reading numbers as numerals and names. Some children have learnt to play our rocket game whilst others have been busy painting, crafting, scootering and even making up a game of ice hockey in our outdoor area. In English they have been writing shopping lists and revisiting the digraphs sh, ch, and ng.
All of the children have been given their reading books now, please remember to remind your child to put it in the reading box in the classroom if it needs to be changed.
Have a lovely week.
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