What we have been learning!

Trip to Skipton Castle 23/1/18

Year 2 went on a trip to Skipton Castle last week. The children really impressed our tour guided Michael and Kate with their knowledge on castles. They were absolute stars!

Using chalk pastels to create planets 7-9-17

The children planned what they wanted to make in Art this topic at the beginning of the week. They had some fab ideas of making planets out of paper mache. Making aliens and drawing the planets too. Take a look at some of our wonderful pictures we created in Art using chalk pastels and exploring colour. In the role play area we went to space in our class spaceship and explored less gravity. In construction we built spaceships. In the Maths area we went alien hunting using our dart board, the higher the score. The more aliens you caught. In the writing area some children decided to make a bigger earth on our blackboard too.

Making moon pictures 6-9-17

In Science we predicted what would happen if we mixed washing up liquid and paint and blow air into the liquid. When we put paper on top we realised that the bubbles make marks on the picture and the pictures looked like craters on the moon! The science bit: When the washing up liquid was mixed with water and paint it meant that the bubbles could hold their shape for longer. The paper absorbed the colour from the paint when it touched the bubbles. COOL!

Exploring space using algorythms 4-9-17

In Year 2 we learn about programming in computing. We learn about giving clear instructions to a programme to make certain things happen. To start with we acted it out in pairs. One of us was the spaceship and the other was the alien. The alien's job was to give instructions to the spaceship in order to get to different planets. Our instructions included: 'Left', 'right', 'forwards', 'backwards', 'reverse' and the amount of steps our spaceships needed to take. We did really well on the estimation part!

Transition Week

We had lots of fun this week! The Year One children came to Year Two and we did some arts and crafts, PE and some 'getting to know me' activities. The children had chance to explore the classroom and use our areas too. They were wonderful and Miss Sheard and I are very excited to teach the Year Ones next year!

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