What we have been learning!

Week commencing 04/09/2017

In literacy we have been looking at two different types of letters, formal and informal. Using letter writing as a template the children are learning the importance of writing draft copies so they can self correct and improve their writing. The informal letter was written to their teachers introducing themselves and briefly revealling their interests. The formal letter was to the producers of The Great British Bake Off either against or in support of the recent changes to the series.

In Maths we began by revisiting place value and understanding the different vocabulary used, for example : What is the meaning of the word 'whole'? We the introduced the class to 'bar modelling'.Bar models are pictorial representations of problems or concepts that can be used for any of the operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In word problems, they hold the huge benefit of helping children decide which operations to use or visualise problems.

This year- year 6 have covered many science topics- these pictures are just a flavour of what we have been doing

Abbey House Museum February 2016
History WW2 October 2015
Kingswood Ocotber 2015
For Art week we focused on the Artist; Lichtenstein. We did a big Art Attack in the classroom which was inspired by his style
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