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States of Matter- Gas

In Science we conducted an experiment to investigate whether Gas has a weight. We planned our investigation to compare the weight of Carbon Dioxide in different fizzy drinks. First we weighed each bottle and then shook them and opened them to release the Carbon Dioxide, finally we weighed the bottles again to find the difference in weight which gave us the weight of the gas.

Stroke Association Wrong Hand Day 19/04/2017

One of the charities our school council chose for this year is the Stroke Association society. For a period of time the children had to complete four tasks using their non-dominant hand to highlight how a stroke sufferer can sometimes have to adapt to using their non-dominant side following the effects of a stroke. The activities Year 4 took part in were; playing jenga, completing and colouring in a dot-to-dot picture, using chopsticks and pouring water from a jug into a bottle. We had a great time challenging ourselves! A big thank you to all the children who brought in their sponsor forms to raise money for this very worthwhile charity!

Chocolate Tasting 18/04/2017

As part of our new topic, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', we had the opportunity to do a taste test of four different types of chocolate: 70% cocoa, dark, milk and white. The children had to describe the taste, aroma, appearance and texture and decide, with reasoning skills, the chocolate they liked best.

World Book Day 2/03/2017

What an amazing array of book characters we had in our class! From traditional to modern, you all looked fantastic and great fun was had by all! Well done to Kai for winning the Year 4 award for best dressed.

Murton Park 10/02/2017

For our class topic on 'The Romans', we were lucky enough to go to Murton Park, in York, where we spent the day learning how to become Roman Soldiers. First we looked around a replica Roman Fort and given our uniforms. We had to learn the English and Latin words to help us find our way around, then the children learnt how to write their names in Latin so they could enlist to the army! We made oil lamps out of clay to help light our gloomy barracks. After lunch we began our battle training using swords, shields and javelins. This training came in useful when the fort came under attack from a rogue Celtic villager, the children used the 'Testudo' (tortoise) formation and he soon ran away! At the end of the day the children were awarded a days wage and a Diploma in Basic Roman Army Training. It was such a fantastic experience for the children, and they were so incredibly brave facing the weather we had to contend with!

Black History Week

This week we as a school are taking part in 'Black History Week' As part of this theme our class looked at the story of Rosa Parks, who on the 1st December 1955, refused to get off a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama. The children worked in groups to produce their own Freeze Frame from the story.


This term, in Science, we have been looking at Electricity. The children started by categorising appliances as to whether they were run on Electricity or via another power source. We have been investigating materials to see if they are conductors or insulators by using circuits that the children created using crocodile clips, batteries and bulbs.

Roman Shields

As part of our topic on the Romans, we have been learning about how the Romans were a magnificent army and some of the techniques they used to make them so victorious in battle. In particular we have been looking at the shields they used and the various ways that they could be used as a defence, including the 'Tortoise' formation.

R.E. - Passover

We shared a Seder Meal, eaten by Jews at Passover to remember when their ancestors were slaves in Egypt and Moses led them to freedom. We learnt what each type of food symbolises.

Year 4's Presentation on Sound

We became real life documentary makers in Science; we had to write, direct and perform our own video presentations on how sound is made.

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Rememberance Day 2016

To honour and acknowledge the sacrifices service men and women, all over the world, have made for their country, today we read the poem; 'In Flanders Fields' by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae. The children chose their favourite verse and wrote it out onto a poppy. We also observed two minutes silence at 11am.

Art Week 2016

Art Week 2016's theme was 'Mythical Creatures' We took a vote in class and the children decided they would like our class to do Fairies and Gnomes. The children had the opportunity to plan, design and create Fairy doors using clay and paint. They also made gnomes, toadstools and fairies using clay and paint and we made dream catchers. It was such good fun and it was wonderful to see their ideas become a reality! Next time you are passing, why not venture into the community garden and see if you can find our hidden creations!

Our 'Egg'citing experiment!

As part of our topic on teeth, we conducted an experiment to see the effects different liquids had on egg shells. We chose to put the eggs in: coke, milk, water, orange juice and apple juice. We recorded daily the changes, if any, that were taking place and filled it in on a sheet. What do you think the results were?


In science our topic this half term is 'Animals including humans'. We have been investigating teeth; how many different types do we have and the functions of each of them and why children and adults have a different number of teeth. Using clay and playdoh, we made our own models of a lower jaw after studying a replica. What do you think?

Greek shields and arm guards

As part of our History topic on Ancient Greece, in art we have made shields and arm guards. We used lots of different techniques including papier mache.

Prosephone and the Pomegranate Seeds

This week we have been looking at the Greek myth - Persephone and the Pomegranate seeds. Today, we worked in groups to act out part of the myth. The rest of the class had to guess which part we were acting out!

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Science - The digestive system

This term we are looking at the digestive system! Today we made a 3D model of the digestive system, using PE equipment. Have a look!

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