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Trip to the Royal Armouries

On Friday 2nd February we went on a trip to the Royal Armouries. We first did a work shop of 'digging up the Saxons' where we became archaeologists and uncovered Saxon artifacts and thought about what we can learn from them. We then spent the afternoon having a look at all the amazing collects the museum has to offer!

Anglo-Saxon Brooches

In Design and Technology before Christmas our focus was making Anglo-Saxon brooches. We first researched what a traditional brooch looked like before then designing our own to keep in with a traditional design and finally we made it using cardboard, gems and many other materials.

Science - Forces

Our science topic before Christmas was forces. We investigated air resistance, friction and how mass and weight are different. Have a look at all the experiments we completed!

Christmas baking

During our last week we baked our own gingerbread biscuits. We first created the mixture enough to make 60 biscuits, cut out 2 biscuits each, baked them and then decorated them! Have a look at what we got up to.

Earth and Space Class Assembly

It was our class assembly today and Year 5 deserve a huge round of applause as they all did fantastic! Everyone learnt so much from their assembly about the Solar System, the Planets within it and even about the moon and star constellations!

Earth and Space

Our Science topic for Autumn 1 half term was Earth and Space. We learnt all about the solar system and the planets within it, about spherical bodies, how the earths orbit and rotation affects time of day & the seasons, time zones and all about star constellations. Have a look at us completing all these different tasks!

National Fitness Day Dance!
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National Fitness Day

In Year 5 we did a dance to just dance as part of our dance off for National Fitness Day. Have a look at what we got up to! Do you think we have enough energy to win?

Class Band

This half term in Music with Mrs Shakespeare we are looking at ensemble work. This involves forming our own class band involving lots of different instruments such as ukulele, recorder, chair drumming, chime bars, hand chimes and of course using our own voices to sing! Have a look at what we have got up to so far...

Semaphore Flags

Our topic in Computing this half term is cryptography. We started off the topic by looking at how people can communicate using semaphore flags, even over long distances! We had a go at sending some short words to our partners and then sending a whole sentence across the classroom.

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