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Healthy Schools Week

As part of Healthy Schools Week we had a cooking lesson in class this week! We had 4 activities to try: cooking flapjacks with raisins, sensory taste test from around the world, creating a stay healthy poster and a challenge to design a healthy meal including all of the food groups.

Anglo-Saxon Class Assembly

Our final class assembly was on our previous History topic of the Anglo-Saxons. We really hope you enjoyed seeing our work and our two brilliants songs!

Science - Living Things and Their Habitats

In science we have been learning about plants, animals and their habitats. We attempted to artificially asexually clone a plant by taking cuttings and putting these in water. Our results were successful on some of the cuttings as they grew roots and even flowered!

Rewind to Easter

South Parade Baptist Church invited us to their Rewind to Easter event. We walked up to the church for a fantastic workshop all about Easter. The children got to plenty of arts and craft activities, including planting some bulbs, and re-enacted the Easter story.

Fairtrade Fair

As part of fairtrade fortnight the Year 5 members of global club held a fairtrade fair for the whole school! They organised it themselves (with a little help from Mrs Bailey!) where fairtrade food was tasted and some games were played. It was a huge hit across school so we would like to say a big well done and thank you to global club members. Take a look at what went on...

Viking Murton Park Trip

We had a fantastic day visiting Murton Park for a Viking day. We dressed up in the correct clothing, learned how to protect the village, farmed, ground corn and made our very own Viking clay pots. Have a look at what we got up to!

Real PE

Our new PE scheme has been a great hit with Year 5 so far! Have a look at them completing one of the challenges called 'River Crossing' as part of our social module. The children are in teams and they must cross the river, including over the obstacles, using the hoops as stepping stones (but they may have less hoops than team members!). They cannot let any part of their body touch the water and all the team must successfully cross to the other side. It requires fantastic team work and communication!

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