Spelling and Maths homework 27-06-17
Spelling and Maths homework 16-5-17
Spellings and Maths homework 9-5-17
Spellings and Maths homework W/C 1 -5-17
Internet link for the Maths homework 21-3-17

on the 'times tables' icon then choose which times tables to practice (2's, 10's or 5's or use arrays to calculate others)
Spelling and Maths homework 21-3-17
Spellings and Maths homework 14-3-17
Link for the maths homework http://www.ictgames.com/sharknumbers.html
Spring 2 week 3 spellings and maths homework 7-3-17
Internet link for the Maths place value homework
Spring 2 week 1 21-2-17 homework Spellings and Maths
Internet link for Maths homework 31-1-17 http://www.doorwayonline.org.uk/number/oddandeven/


Spelling and Maths Homework 31-1-17

Counting in twos and odd and even numbers Spellings alternative i sound

Internet link for this weeks maths homework (24-1-17)  - http://www.conkermaths.org/cmweb.nsf/products/conkerkirfs.html
Spellings and Maths homework week 4
Spring 1 topic homework
Spellings and Maths homework Spring 1, week 3
Spellings Spring 1 week 2 er sound
Maths Homework Spring 1 week 2
Maths Homework Spring 1 week 1
Spellings Spring 1 week 1 oo sound

Autumn 2 week 6 spellings

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