Kirkstall St. Stephen’s C of E (Voluntary Aided) Primary School

Feedback, Comments & Complaints

Thank you to all of our parents who responded to the Parent View request from Ofsted. The response was overwhelmingly positive. You can see our results here:
Parent View Results

Art Exhibition Feedback 29th September 2018



“Super art work which the children were really proud of. Well done.”

“The children were very proud of their work and keen to explain how they had produced the effects and colours. It was a pleasure to admire the art and interact with the artists. Well done kids!”

“Some amazingly detailed work which is striking and effective to look at”.

“Lots of fantastic art work, lovely to see J

“So impressed by all the beautiful artwork on display. Really enjoyed hearing about it all from the very knowledgeable children. Thank you!”

“Loved the neon colours of receptions handprint tree. Year 1’s weaving with the leaves is something different and ‘structural’! Year 4s Lino cut prints were really great as was Year 5s Pointillism. Year 6 pieces were very accomplished”.

“Super work and lovely to see the children speaking confidently and feeling proud of their fantastic art!”

“Lovely work from the kids, they’ve put so much effort into their art and have so much pride in their creations”.

“Great to see all the work”.

“Fantastic range of media! J

“Very creative, looks great”.

“So lovely to see all the children’s artwork and hear about what they had been up to. A real broad range of work and a great idea to show it off”.

“Very impressed by the standard of the art work displayed.”

“Wonderful pictures. Made us happy! J

“It’s so lovely to see such a range of styles and the children have done an excellent job of explaining their work. They should all be very proud of themselves!”

Class Specific Feedback


“Very colourful tree by reception, I’d like to have one in my garden. Great work”

“A lovely tree and butterfly! So Creative and beautiful! I also love the leaf people!”

Year 1

The autumn weaving created by year 1 are fabulous. Brilliant designs. Well done”.

Year 2

“Year 2- wonderful autumn colours- fantastic painting & mixing up colours!”

Year 4

“Really loved the lino printing from Year 4, Great work!”

“Year 4 pictures took me back to my visit to China. Wow! And the lino prints took me back to my school years! Amazing, well done Year 4! J

“Love how the children have expressed their ideas on William Morris”.

“Fantastic Arts & Crafts wallpaper designs- where can I buy these for my house?!”

“What a truly amazing array of art work, so much colour, textures, and different artistic talents. Wonderful Display! Well done kids!”

Year 5

“I found year 5 leaf design brilliant. Well done.”

“Beautiful leaf pictures using dots to fill the leaf. Great art work.”

“Amazing aboriginal paintings guys, well done!”

2Such detail and precision in the year 5 aboriginal art work. Well done.”

“Year 5 images looked so great we thought they had been printed off of a computer… when in fact they had been done by hand with felt tip pens! Amazing!”

Year 6

“Some beautiful artwork. Close ups of eye- the attention to detail is amazing. Good work!”

“Great year 6 work. Well done!”

“Great form and structure in some of the Year 6 work. Loved Danny’s apple, Alba’s apple and Iona’s harvest”.

“I loved all the colourful eye pictures. Also the plants and fruits year 6 have drawn are fabulous too. Well done Year 6.”

Reading Open Morning Wednesday 4th July 2018

Thank you to all those of you who attended our Reading Open Morning. We had some lovely, positive feedback, here are a few of the written feedback comments we recieved. 

"Found the talk on the Key Reading Skills really helpful & tips for encouraging at home. Interesting to see this played out in different ways with different ages & abilities. Thanks"
"Very informative talk before joining the children. Lovely to see the children enjoying the books."
"Thanks very much for the opportunity to see how you've developed reading. It all seems great! :-) "
"Very informative and interesting. Good to see how older/more advanced readers will be developed. Thanks"
"Thank you for a really informative morning, and taking time to inform us. It was really interesting to see how you are making reading more interesting and also more understanding for the children".
"A really interesting insight into reading".
"Very Informative and a great opportunity to find out about 1:1 Reading and the skill letter code, which will be used in Year 1 with my daughter. I will work on retrieval at home with J  to develop her reading."
"Really useful to see how the curriculum in different classes are learning and practicing reading. I think the new methods look interesting and varied and I think my child will respond well to
them. Also useful for teachers to assess the reading in a structured way."
At the end of a school trip to Hollywoodbowl, Kirkstall:

"The pupils have been exceptionally well behaved. They are well mannered, polite and very caring to each other. It has been a pleasure."
Staff Members; Hollywood Bowl 14/6/18
"I drop my son (3years old) off at breakfast club (with his elder sister Esme). The staff there led by Mrs Lindley are excellent- but what always strikes me is how the older children look out for the younger ones. This morning as I was leaving, Harry was a little tearful, Amelia came over to help, comfort and distract him. She's not the only one to have done this either... I am very pleased that Esme is at this school and I'm really enjoying watching her grow and learn here. Many thanks to the staff and pupils there."
Esme's Father, Reception, May 2018 
"I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all you have done to nurture the pupils of your school particularly as far as Hantang has experienced, he loves your school. He came to join your school from the second half of his reception year, it has been nearly six and half years, Hantang from a very little boy now has grown bit by bit up to become a boy who has the sense of integrity, fairness and kindness... We see all the way that Hantang has been growing. To today's stage, Hantang is ready and well prepared to go to his secondary education, his attitude towards study, his curiosity in science, his efforts into arts and his goal driving motivation, all of these are attributed to the stage by stage education that your school has wonderfully provided."
Hantang's Father, Year 6, May 2018
Year 6 Class Assembly 25th May 2018
"Fabulous Year 6 assembly. Can't believe it's the last one. Well done everyone." Ellie's Mum & Nana
"What a wonderful assembly, quite emotional to watch the last Year 6 one. I remember your first Reception one! Well done everyone, including the Staff." Matthew's mum
"What a fantastic last Year 6 assembly. Full of talented young friends, singing and being happy together... A very well done to everyone who took part." Jaden's Family
Year 3 Class Assembly 18th May 2018
"Shing, shang, show, gonna be singing that all day! Great assembly. Well done Everyone". Charlotte's dad
"An amazing performance from the whole class. 10/10" Imogen's dad
"Amazing assembly, great songs, children did so well remembering all their lines. Really proud parents!" Isabelle's mum
Reception Class Assembly 4th May 2018
"Well done reception class! What an amazing 1st Assembly! Can't wait for the next one!" Finlay's mum
"Fantastic performances. Great to see them all enjoying themselves. You have all done great work with them this year. Thank you" M's mum
"That was amazing. So So proud of everyone. Well done Reception." Holly's mum

Year 5 Class Assembly 3rd November 2017

An amazing class assembly. Loved loved loved "The Robot Song"
Luke's mum


Year 2 Class Assembly 21 October 2017

Brilliant year 4!

I will be singing the songs all day
Darcy's mum

Great performance!
Loved the prayer Lydia
Lydia's dad

Great to see the kids enjoy their assembly so much.
Shahmeer's mum
Complaints Procedure

To view our complaints procedure please down load our 'Complaints Policy'. Any complaint from parents of pupils with Special Educational Needs is handled directly by the SENCO and the Headteacher as well as the SEND governor. All three are responsible for dealing with SEND complaints. The parent is able to make an appointment with the teacher, the SENCO and the Headteacher to discuss the matter and can write to the SEND governor with details of the complaint. Together with the parent the school will look to find a solution/ solutions to any complaint brought to school with reference to the school complaints policy.

This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of
all children, and expects our staff and volunteers to share this commitment.