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Trip to Herd Farm

Today Year 4 went to Herd Farm to experience life as a Roman and Celt! While there, we learnt about Celts that lived in Leeds and what it was like when the Roman army took over Britain. We also learnt important battle tactics that we got to test out! We had a great day!

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An Ancient Greek Feast!

Another busy day in Year 4! Today in groups, we made a Greek Salad and Tzatziki! We talked about traditional Greek foods and their importance in Ancient Greek times. When we had finished preparing, we had a Greek Feast with pitta hummus along with our wonderful creations! Take a look!

Trip to Leeds City Museum!

Today we had a wonderful time at Leeds City Museum. We spent the morning exploring the different exhibitions at the museum and completing an artefact treasure hunt! In the afternoon, we took part in an Ancient Greek workshop where we looked and handled real artefacts as well as lots of other things! Take a look!

Chinese New Year!

In Year 4 this week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year! First we looked at the 12 Zodiac Animals and worked out which year we were born in! Most of the children were born in the year of the ox or tiger. We then created our own zodiac wheels which the children will take home on Friday!

A Christmas Treat!

Big day in Year 4 today! The children had a treat in the form of hot chocolate (in special cups!), chocolate lollipops and candy canes! The children have worked so hard this term and deserve a treat! We also showed off all our creative homework that we have spent a long time creating at home. Miss Barnett was very impressed! Thank you parents for all your help also!

Year 4's Chocolate Open Afternoon!

Today we have been showing off all of the fantastic work we have been doing in class AND at home as part of our creative homework! Year 3 and 5 popped in to look at all our hard work as well as Mr Viles! We are all so proud of Year 4!

It's Art week!

This week we are spending our afternoons creating different pieces of art based on the theme 'Nature'. In Year 4, we are studying the artist William Morris and his influences in art over the years. We started by looking at a range of pieces by William Morris, particularly his wallpaper prints. We then used these to inspire our own sketches. We used tracing paper to trace the image four times. We will finish and add colour to these sketches tomorrow! What do you think?

More chocolate tasting!

Today one of our children was kind enough to bring in some chocolate that was 100% cocoa! All the children had a taste and then compared this chocolate with dark chocolate. Take a look at their faces to determine what they thought of it!

Chocolate Tasting!

To introduce our Topic we spent the first afternoon in school tasting different types of chocolate! We discussed the appearance, aroma and texture of each type and then rated each type. We made sure we drank some water in between tastings to cleanse our palette!

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