Kirkstall St. Stephen’s C of E (Voluntary Aided) Primary School

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Tatty Bumpkin Yoga 8-1-19

This week the children followed Tatty bumpkin on her adventure to the Starfish and her shoes. Attached are some ideas to try out at home - try to practice your starfish pose!

Yoga with Tatty Bumpkin
Christmas crafts
Diva Lamps in Clay

The children enjoyed creating these diva lamps out of clay and using a pencil to create a pattern on it and then adding sequins for extra sparkle.


We have been adding using different resources. Some children played a target game outside whilst others played with the counters. Some children used their printing and counting skills - what a busy morning!

Autumn walk

We had great fun making leaf towers, looking for bugs and observing Kirkstall in autumn.

Understanding equals

The children have been learning what equals means. We have been balancing numbers and playing games involving balancing and equality

Abbey House Museum
Shake, Rattle and Boogie

This week the children danced as though they were cars. They used skipping ropes to make paths and moved in time with the music.

Investigating autogyros in Science

We found some sycamore seeds and realised they spun in the air, so we made paper autogyros and tested them spinning with different weights. We found out that they spun faster with more paper clips attached.

More Shake, Rattle and Boogie ballerinas and robots
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Shake, Rattle and Boogie

This week the children were dancing like robots and ballerinas. The children mirrored each other using scarves.

Robots galore!

Here are all our fantastic robots we have been making for homework.What imaginative ways we have come up with to use up all those empty packets, bottles and cartons. We even had one wearing old headphones and one on a skateboard! Well done everybody!


Last week we read the story 'Harry and the Robots'. The children used different joining techniques to make their own moving robot as well as program a Beebot to move around the classroom and mix colours to paint a robot. Some children played a robot game, they had to listen carefully to each other and take turns.

Our first week in Year 1

This week we got to know our classroom, the people who work in our classroom and where things are kept. After reading Kipper's Toy box we made our own sock puppets of 'Sock thing'


We created a fair test to see how far different cars travelled down a slope onto the carpet. We had to start them all at the top, make sure the slope was the same height and not give them a push!

Sorting in Maths

The children have been sorting objects into groups

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