Kirkstall St. Stephen’s C of E (Voluntary Aided) Primary School

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1’s online learning!

Here you will find links and the activities for each day. I have already given you a paper copy of each activity but if you lose it, here it is again.

Have fun, take pictures of what you get up to and don’t forget to bring your book in for a prize!


Which resources should I use? 

Since the start of this journey many more resources have become available to schools and parents to support the ‘learning from home’ process, including the latest resources announced by the government on Sunday.  

We have steered away from the term ‘home education’ as that is and should be a choice- this current situation is not a choice, just a necessary situation.  

So what resources are the right ones? 

Whichever resources interest and stimulate your child the most! 

I will continue to post daily updates & learning ideas to support your child as long as I am well enough to do so- however, if these are becoming a battle/do not suit your child, you can always follow your own schedule by following any of the links below. I, too, will now be including links to these websites when they suit the work I am setting.

However, if you would rather follow your own schedule with home learning, I have outlined below some of the websites that I will also now be using now.

Suggested Websites/Websites you will see in my daily updates

Maths: Use the ‘White Rose Maths Hub’. Save this address in the bookmarks for ease, daily lessons are usually loaded on the webpage one week in advance. This is the same scheme/overview we follow in school, their resources are very good and they have supported the BBC Bitesize resources.  

There are some work sheets here, however you can view most of them on the screen and complete the work in your books if you do not have a printer.  

Topmarks is full of excellent games to use, too:

Literacy: Both the BBC Bitesize Resources and the Oak National Academy resources may be used for your child. I suggest you choose which one to try first by asking yourself the following question: 

How has my child responded to the work I have asked them to do so far? 

If your child has been reluctant, or struggling to work at home for whatever reason then I would suggest you go to the BBC Bitesize site for English. There are a series of child friendly videos with attached tasks which would suit most pupils. 


If your answer is more in line with- ‘my child has loved every bit of work and wants more!’ 

The Oak National Academy work may be more suitable. I feel it is slightly more challenging and due to the lay out and set up feels more formal and requires greater concentration.  

BBC iplayer (including red button 9am onwards) - Primary Bitesize 

On top of those options detailed above, there are also BBC programmes on I-player which are different to the bbc resources on the bitesize website. They are mostly 20 minute programmes for 5-7, 7-9, 9-11 year olds of which the first episode spent about 5 minutes on a maths concept, 5 minutes on a story time, 5 minutes on history, with some quizzes thrown in.  

These might appeal to you if you have limited internet devices, or a super reluctant learner! 

Physical Education- 

There are many options for exercising from home, with many people doing daily exercise with Joe Wicks or Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. However, any exercise that can be done at home- or safely in the neighbourhood is great. A walk, run, ride a bike, skipping. Aim to get some outdoor time each day.  
In Year 1, we follow a programme called 5 a day (youtube) to get started every morning, this might be a nice way to wake up before any more formal learning. The four we use in school are: Big Jubilee Dance, Sport, Espanol and French. 

Phonics & Other Activities

Daily Reading and practise of key maths skills like basic addition and subtraction (most board games).  There are also some prayer ideas on our website.  For phonics games, phase 5 phonics on is perfect. If your child struggles with the phase 5 games, there are games for less challenging phases, too. 


Mrs Shakespeare who teaches KS2 Music in school has starting making videos to help with online learning. Here are the links to her lessons for KS1;



Live Daily Phonics Lessons

Tune in to Letters and Sounds for home, by clicking here 

Hungry Caterpillar group: The 'Learning to Blend' Lesson at 11am

All other groups: The Year 1 Phonics Lesson at 10.30am
Monday 23rd March
Monday 23rd March: Maths Lesson 1

Open the attached document and complete Set A by drawing the diennes (sticks and squares) in your book and writing the number that is shown next to them. Alternatively, if you do this on the sheet please STICK IT IN your work book. Before you do this, follow the link below for a fun game (tablet friendly) SELECT NUMBERS TO 59 * On the worksheet Set B is for tomorrow- no need to do it today!

Monday 23rd March: English Lesson 1

First, follow the link below to play a Sentence Substitution game (instructions are on the game). Next, find a story you enjoy and read it with a grown up. Then, complete the 'cook up a character' sheet to make your own character.

Monday 23rd March Reading

Depending on your group- select your reading activity. The first uploaded is for children who read in the 'Hungry Caterpillar' group at school- they know who they are. The other work is for all other children. Today, just read the sheet- tomorrow you can independently answer the questions in your book/match the sentences to the pictures.

Monday 23rd March: Art Lesson 1

Here is your art activity- have fun and don't forget to stick it in your book!

Tuesday 24th March
Tuesday 24th March: Maths Lesson 2

Follow the link below to play online- tablet friendly (select numbers up to 49) Then use Set B from the maths sheet- press the blue button to see it if you have lost it- either draw them in your book or stick in your work before writing the number that is shown on the diennes. Don't forget: If you aren't sure it's the same idea as yesterday, so you can take a look at yesterday's video to remind you of what you need to do!

Tuesday 24th March: English Lesson 2

First, have a go at one of our favourite games- Alien Escape!!

Next, you are creating your very own comic strip! Click on the button below to download the work if you have lost it, and if you want some help here's my attempt. Week 1 English Lesson 2
Week 1 English Lesson 2
Tuesday 24th March Science

In Science we have been learning about plants- can you order the pictures to show the different stages of growing a flower? Watch this lovely video on BBC Bitesize then have a look at my explanation before putting your knowledge to use and completing your worksheet. I have attached the sheet of work below in case you lose it.  
Wednesday 25th March
Week 1 Day 3 Maths Lesson 3

Today you are reading numbers written as words and seeing if you can write them as numerals. Play a simple, sweet game as a warm up by clicking here.
If you're not sure what to do next, I have explained it for you here. 
I have uploaded your work (but for both today and tomorrow) below, but make sure you only do set A today, don't work too hard!
Maths Work Day 3 & 4

Set A is for Wednesday and set B is for Thursday

English Week 1 Day 3
For English, you are making a wanted poster for a baddie. You can see mine here. I attached it again in case you lost it. 
English work week 1 Day 3
Spelling activity Wednesday 25th March

The words you are finding are your spelling words.


Watch this video about ocean habitats and then this one about a woodland habitat and use this information to cut and stick the woodland and ocean animals into their correct habitats. I have attached the work again in case you have lost it.
Thursday 26th March 2020
Week 1 Day 4 Maths Lesson 4

I have included the worksheet for today. I didn't make an instruction video because it is very similar to what you did yesterday- if you're unsure re-watch yesterday's lesson.

During your maths learning, follow this link for a great game to play online- it's tablet friendly (select numbers 0 50).

Spelling challenge
To further reinforce your spelling words this week, your next challenge is to practice handwriting and spellings all rolled into one! If you would like, work out with Jack Hartmann first. 
Handwriting worksheet (this week's spellings)
Week 1 Day 4 English Lesson 4

I've not done a video for today, but I have uploaded a new video of me telling you all a story- hope you enjoy it! It's at the bottom of this page under 'Story Time with Mrs Straw'. Your lesson today is to write a postcard from an imaginary place- I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Week 1 Day 4 History Lesson
In History we are learning about the Great Fire of London. Watch this great video. I have also included a powerpoint below for you to look through. Your task is to design a tankard to remember the Great Fire of London. Have fun! I can't wait to see what ideas you come up with. 
Friday 27th March 2020
Week 1 Day 5 Maths Lesson 5

Another bit of work today to secure your place value knowledge. Before you start, have a go at a great game by clicking here. Select T and U on the practise mode under 'Numbers'- for an extra challenge select T and U on the practice mode but under 'words' as this also tests your reading skills! You can see my explanation here.
Maths work Week 1 Day 5 Maths 5
Week 1 Day 5 English Lesson 5

Today, don't forget to test yourself on your spelling words (these were on your wordsearch and handwriting sheets)
Next, play one of our favourite games from time in class- the yes no yeti by clicking here. If these questions are a bit too tricky to read, there is an easier level but here you will need to select 'Include words from phase 3 sets' 1-7, or 1-6 if this is still too hard. Click here for the easier level of the game. 

Next, write a diary entry as though you are a character from a story you have read. Choose any story you like- don't forget there are 2 stories read by me at the bottom of this page in case you were interested in listening or wanted some ideas. You can see my work here.

Week 1 Day 5 English 5
Free time

I've included some ideas of how you could spend your free time as you might be running low on ideas after quite a while cooped up. Have a super weekend & check back here on Monday for the new week's work.

Monday 30th March 2020
Maths week 2 lesson 1
Today, have a go at this fun game by clicking 1 to 50 odd then 1-50 even. I wonder if you can work out how to tell if a number is odd or even? 

Then can you choose the largest number to complete your work? I have shown you what to do here.
Maths Week 2 Day 1 Set A
Week 2 Day 1 English
First play this fun phonics game. Then have a look at what to do here.
English Week 2 Day 1
Week 2 Art Lesson 2
We are thinking about natural and man made materials to inspire art work and sculpture. Follow this link to find out more.
Tuesday 31st March 2020
Week 2 Maths Lesson 2
To start, your game today requires the sound on as you are read a number and select the rocket with this number on it. Select 'Find a number' then choose any of the options to challenge youself. To play, click here.
Next, you are finding the larger number on 'set B'. If you have forgotten what to do, check my video from yesterday.
Week 2 English Lesson 2
Start off by watching this video about the ure sound. Your work today is to write an honest book review. You can choose to write about a book you have at home, or I have found something very cool! In class we have been enjoying Katie Morag Stories by Mairi Hedderwick. I have found Mairi Hedderwick reading a new Katie Morag story on Youtube! Have a listen and, if you like, you can review this book today. Have a listen to me explaining your learning for today.
Week 2 Day 2 English
Week 2 Day 2 Reading
Today you will be looking at the reading you did yesterday to either match captions to pictures or answer questions depending on your reading group. I have explained a bit more here
Week 2 Day 2 Sciene Lesson 2

This week we are thinking about plants we can eat. Watch this interesting video clip. Then see if you can complete this worksheet. 
Week 2 Day 2 Science
Wednesday 1st April 2020
Week 2 Day 3 Maths 
Start by having a sing along to Jack Hartmann here. Then have another go at playing shark numbers here  Today's job has adult guidance, too, so your grown-up can ask you some questions to deepen your knowledge. I have explained more about the sheet here.
Week 2 Day 3 Maths
Week 2 Day 3 English 3
Start by playing Obb and Bob by clicking here (select to revise all). Next, you are going to be writing a list of describing words that you can either think of yourself or, with a grown up, look through a book and make a list of describing words (known as adjectives) Listen to my explanation here.
Week 2 Day 3 English 3
Week 2 Day 3 Reading/Spelling activity
The words to find in your wordsearch are your spelling words, I have gone through them here.
Week 2 Day 3 Reading / Spelling activity
Week 2 Day 3 Geography
Today you will be thinking about hot and cold habitats, I have found a video about desert ecosystems here and cold environments here. You need to label the animals on your sheet and sort them into hot or cold environments (it would be great if you drew a hot and cold background and coloured these, too. I have explained what to do here.
Thursday 2nd April 2020
Week 2 Day 4 Maths Lesson 4
Start off this lesson by having a go at this activity where you need to match the words to the numerals. You should be able to read most of the words yourselves which will leave you only with a couple of tricky words that you can probably have a good go at matching to the numeral.Next up is problem solving work- you have 2 pages to do today! I have explained a bit more here.
Week 2 Day 4 Maths lesson 4
Week 2 Day 4 English Lesson 4
Start off by playing a spelling game to spell your tricky words. There are two different games: A cute one here and a scary one here. Both games are practicing the same thing so you can decide which one you would rather play! Next, you are designing a new front cover for a book. I have had a go here.  So take a look at mine, then decide what book cover you would like to re-design! I can't wait to see them!
Week 2 Day 4 English Lesson 4
Reading/Spelling Activity

Today you are practicing your handwriting. If you copy & paste this into your browser there is a good letter formation video (although at KSS we prefer a 'spiky' bottomed w to the rounded one here. However it has a lovely 'ribbon k' and all other letters are great- plus the lady correctly pronounces letter names and then the sound they make. For something a bit more lively (although quite a few letters are different from how we form them at KSS) have a look and dance along with Jack Hartmann by copying this link: Remember these words are your spellings this week, and you need to get a grown up to test you on these tomorrow. If you're struggling with them, find some other ways to practice not just the handwriting sheet. Good luck!

Week 2 Day 4 History Lesson 2 

Follow the link here (or type it in from the top of your worksheet). This game will help you with your work enormously. You will be a little boy called Tom Porter in the game, and you will sort objects by dragging them to the ticks and crosses to answer questions, loading up your cart to help put the fire out with historical objects, fighting the fire yourself and much more! Remember what you are doing in the game, because you will be writing to describe what you have done in a diary entry on your worksheet. I can't wait to see this!
Friday 3rd April 2020
Week 2 Day 5 Maths Lesson 5
Today you will be working with part-whole models- there is a good explanation of how to use these on youtube here. Then have another go at playing Place Value Basketball. I have explained your worksheet here- I hope this is helpful! 
Week 2 Day 5 Maths
Spelling test! Don't forget to get your grown up to test your spellings this week! You can write them in your work from home book (they are on the bottom of your wordsearch and on your handwriting sheet so don't peak!!)
Week 2 Day 5 English 5
This is my favourite English challenge yet! Start off by playing sentence substitution- I wonder what interesting new sentences you can make whilst ensuring they still make sense?  Next up, your main work... Can you make a cool code? Can you de-code my secret message? Have fun!!! Here I am having a go. Below I've included a copy of your work and a secret message from me!
Free Time
Last week I uploaded some ideas for your free time- here are some more. Over the next 2 weeks it should be your Easter Holidays. I'm so sorry you are all stuck inside for this!! I have been working hard to gather lots of interesting ideas for things to keep you & your families busy over Easter and will post them here over the weekend. I hope to see you all very soon!! Stay safe!
Monday 20th April 2020
Monday 20th April Maths

Here is your work for today (only complete the work on the left side of the sheet, save the right side for tomorrow). You can collect this from Box B at school or write it out in your books. 

Start by playing this fun game called Blast Off. To play, select 60 to 99 under 'Find A Number > Direct' 

I have explained a bit more here.
Monday 20th April Reading

I have explained what to do here.
Monday 20th April Reading
Monday 20th April 2020

Our Topic this half term is Africa! There is so much to learn about this amazing continent. Start, though, by warming up with a fantastic phonics memory game. Click here and select all three phases before clicking play. Next, explore the animal word mat I have uploaded (or it can be found in pack B at school. You can then write a description of any of the animals, or facts you already know. Maybe you & your grown up could find out more about an animal of your choice together? I have explained more here.
Monday 20th April Writing Activity

If you don't have a printer, these are in Pack B at school or you can simply write in your book and decorate it yourself.

Monday 20th April 2020 Art

The first African country we will learn about is Morocco. Watch this video as a good introduction to our Africa topic (it's very short!) Then find out more about Morocco specifically by watching this video. I have then explained some ideas for Art, and included a document with some inspiring images- you could choose to draw or paint anything from the Morocco video, though.

Art inspiration Monday 20th April
Tuesday 21st April 2020
Tuesday 21st April 2020 Maths
Today's maths is the same sheet as yesterday, but completing the second half, either on the sheet or write it out in your book (write the number sequence, perhaps underline the one you worked out so we can see which number you worked out yourself). Before this, though, play this fun game. Click on 'Find a Number' and under 'Direct' select 1-100. I've explained a tiny bit more here.
English Tuesday 21st April 2020
Start by playing this phonics game: Obb and Bob (select to revise all).

Today is similar to yesterday as you will need to look at the word mat. What is different, though, is that you are writing which animal you would most like to see in the wild and why. You can give more than one reason! Here is an example:

I would like to see a giraffe so I could feed him a leaf. I would like to see a giraffe because they have a long neck. If I saw a giraffe I would try and count his markings. 

I have explained a bit more here.

Reading Tuesday 21st April 2020
Today's reading task is to answer the questions about what you read yesterday IN FULL SENTENCES. Or if you are in Hungry Caterpillar, to join up the pictures and sentences independently. I have explained more here
Tuesday 21st April 2020 Science
Our science topic is Seasonal Changes: Spring to Summer. I have uploaded the first lesson to go through together. I have also included the worksheet to either print at home, or drawing it out for your child will only take 2 minutes. I have explained a bit more here.
Wednesday 22nd April 2020
Wednesday 22nd April 2020 Maths
Today you are thinking about number sequences. Before you start, have a go at this game. It's the same as yesterday, but challenge yourself today to see if you can find the number IN BETWEEN, then click on 1-100! Good luck!

Then, for your main learning, you are completing the numbr sequences on the left side of the page only (you can do the right side tomorrow).If you have these from the school packs you can do them on the sheet, or write them out in your books. If you are working from the computer simply write them out like I did in my video below. 
I have put a link to your maths work for today below, and explained a bit more about what to do here.
English Wednesday 22nd April 2020
Start by playing this fun game where you drag snails to show where the full stops should be in the sentences. Remember- a good clue is that a capital letter should come after a full stop! Unfortunately you do have to watch an ad for a few seconds before you can play the game but it is just advertising other games in the series. Next, you are writing about Lions.To find out more about lions, you could watch this youtube video. I have explained what to do for your writing activity here.
Wednesday 22nd April 2020 English/Writing
Spelling Activity Wednesday 22nd April 2020
I have put a link to the wordsearch below, if you don't have a printer or want to do something a little extra, I have found a website that is so cool! I have explained about it here, and you can have a go on it yourself by clicking here.
Wednesday 22nd April 2020 Spelling
Wednesday 22nd April 2020 Topic (Geography)
Today we are learning about elephants. There are 2 youtube videos to watch- this short one, and this longer one which requires a bit more concentration. When you have learned more, have a go at the work below. I have explained what to do here. 
Wednesday 22nd April 2020 Topic/Geography
Thursday 23rd April 2020
Thursday 23rd April 2020

Today's maths is the same as yesterdays, except you are doing the right hand side of the sheet. Have another go at the game from yesterday to consolidate your learning.

Thursday 23rd April 2020 Spelling AND Writing
Today's English is a bit different, and you are focusing on your spelling words. Start off playing the yes/no yeti, and if this level is too tricky try this level instead.

Next, you are looking for words on stones that make the 'ow' sound (like in ouch- not like in snow). What makes this tricky is that it can be written as ow or ou, and you are ONLY colouring/writing words where it makes the ouch style ow sound. You should find a path across the river for Mr Whoops. 

After this you need to write 4 sentences using words from the stones you have coloured (or written if you are working on the computer)- 2 with the ow spelling and 2 with the ou spelling. I have explained it here.
Thursday 23rd April 2020 English and Spelling
Thursday 23rd April Topic

Here is some mindful colouring from our Topic: Africa. If you don't have this/access to a printer listen to some relaxing music and draw a detailed giraffe covered in patterns like this one. For reference, you should be able to concentrate and focus on the drawing only for 10 minutes (more is great if you can) and colouring for a further 10 minutes minimum.

Friday 23rd April 2020
Maths 24th April 2020
Visit this site to add numbers. You need to write the number sentence in your book, so don't race against the clock. Select Level 1, Addition, Up to 20-one more. then select the question interval 'manual'. This means you have to click onto the next question when you have found the answer. Solve these problems by putting the bigger number in your head, then counting on with your fingers. You should end up with 10 number sentence and you can check your answers at the end.
Friday 24th April 2020 Maths Colouring

Today is a colour by number activity. If you have not got a printer/have not collected a pack, don't worry just do the work above.

Friday 24th April 2020 Spelling

Use this spelling list to get a grown up to test your spellings (you can write them in your book)

Friday 24th April 2020 English

Attached is a lovely elephant colouring sheet. You can either print this, find it in your pack from school, or draw it yourself. Then you need to write 5 facts about elephants, or 5 descriptive sentences about elephants in your book. See if you can improve upon your sentences or handwriting from yesterday.

Friday 24th April 2020 Free Time

Why not explore one of the amazing places on this map? If you find a place you like exploring, screen shot it or take a photo of you on the computer or tablet exploring this place. What can it inspire you to do? Perhaps you could write a postcard from this place? Perhaps you could draw or write about something you see.

Monday 27th April 2020
Monday 27th April Maths

We are going to start with a game of speed for our number bonds to 10. Number bonds are the 2 numbers that add together to make a whole ten and it's important that you know these fluently by the end of Year 1. An easy way to work these out if you're struggling is on your fingers! For example, if I say "one" put one finger down- how many more are there to make 10 (how many have you still got up)? Play this quickfire game and select 'up to 10'- 'make 10'. We will be playing this regularly as a warm up- don't worry if you find it tricky at first- you will get quicker!

Your work is a good practice for number bonds. TODAY JUST DO THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE SHEET. You can either write the number sentences out in your book. or on the page if you have a pack and would rather. The blocks show a number bond- there are 10 blocks- some are grey and some are white. Can you write the number bond to ten that is being represented? One has been done for you! Good luck!
Maths 27.4.20

Monday: Left hand side of the sheet Tuesday: Right hand side of the sheet

Monday 27th April 2020 English Writing
Start off by playing this game with an adult to support you- these are the tricky word truck! Remember you cannot sound out a tricky word using your phonics, you just have to know what it says. Have a go here.

You have already done a sheet/writing activity like this about lions. Today, you are finding out more about giraffes! Watch these two videos on youtube- if you find there are words you don't know yet, search the internet or a dictionary for their meaning. Video 1 and Video 2. I have attached the worksheet below. You can either print it, and fill out the gaps, or draw a giraffe in your home learning book and get a grown up to draw you the boxes. It can also be found in Home Learning pack B this week at school. Enjoy!
Monday 27th April 2020 Writing
Monday 27th April 2020 Reading

You will be used to these sheets by now! As always today you are just READING (the short text if you are in every group, but hungry caterpillars group your work is on the right hand side and you are reading the captions). Remember tomorrow is when you work on answering the questions as this will test your independent retrieval skills as you will need to re read the text and the questions on your own. Today, just focus on your reading. Good luck. ALSO CHECK OUT THE LIVE PHONICS LESSONS I HAVE LINKED UNDER A GREEN HEADING TOWARDS THE TOP OF THE PAGE.

Monday 27th April 2020 Art

This afternoon, why not have a go at drawing a giraffe of your own. You could then shade, paint or collage it. If you aren't feeling creative, there's a step by step guide here that teaches you how to draw a cute giraffe cartoon!!
Tuesday 28th April 2020
Maths Tuesday 28th April 2020
Start off by working out and counting all the way to ONE HUNDRED with Jack Hartmann!! Click here.

Next up is an ordering game using your knowledge of numbers to 100. In Year 1 you now should be able to order the numbers when you click 'ordering'>'1-100' but if this is proving a challenge try refreshing your memory by clicking 'ordering'>'1-100 in 10s' and if this is still too much of a challenge, 1-20 is a good simple start but you'll need to practice the song a bit more. Click here for the game. 

Your work in your book today is the same as yesterday, but today you are doing the right hand side of the sheet. Good luck!
Phonics and Reading

If you can, tune into the phonics daily live lesson (follow the link at the top of this page under the green header). By now, you will know what we do on Tuesdays! Independently match the pictures to the captions (Hungry Caterpillar) or write the answer in full sentences (everyone else). If you don't have a paper copy it's not a problem, write out the answers (numbered) in your home learning book, and if you are a Hungry Caterpillar draw the picture and write the caption next to it. 
English Tuesday 28th April 2020

Today you are imagining you are going on a safari. Watch this stunning mini documentary to see what you might see. The documentary is about 20 minutes long, so get comfy!! Use this to inspire you to write about your hopes for a safari of your own. What would you hope to see? What would you like to see those animals doing? What would you like to snap a photo of? What would you not like to see (if anything) and why? 

English Writing 28th April 2020

If you don't have a copy or a printer, you can just write this out in your book (make sure to put the date at the top)

Science Tuesday 28th April 2020
Watch this fun science video and then complete a weather report about today's weather. Remember, though, that this video is American so some of the creatures she mentions live in the USA. However, you can apply most of what she says to things in England too and this is a great discussion point. I have also included a word bank to help you think of describing words for your writing. 
Science 28th April 2020

If you do not have a printer, simply copy the structure into your book instead. You don't need to copy the word bank! That is just to help you with ideas.

Wednesday 29th April 2020
Wednesday 29th April 2020
Today you need to practice those number bonds again! Start off with Jack Hartmann and sing along! Next, play hit the button by clicking here and selecting Up to 10>Make 10... enjoy!

Today's maths is set A on this sheet. Using your number bond knowledge, can you make 10? For example if it says 4 and ___ you would look at all ten of your fingers, put down 4 and then see how many are left/down. It would be 6!
Wednesday 29th April 2020 Maths

Complete set A today and set B tomorrow.

Wednesday 29th April 2020
First, have fun with this spelling game. Click the button that says 'sp gr sl fl'.

In English we would be moving on to read the story of Handa's Surprise. If you have this book at home, read it together. If not, click here to hear and watch the story. Your English writing activity is to write 5 sentences about your favourite fruit. You can write about how it looks and tastes, how it feels and smells and what you eat it with. Don't forget a lovely picture and your capital letters and full stops, as well as ensuring you are forming your letters correctly. 

Here is my example:
My favourite fruit is strawberry.
It is red and small with a green leafy top.
Inside strawberries are juicy and fresh.
They smell delicious.
I eat them with my breakfast or with cream.
Wednesday 29th April 2020

Today you are completing a word search! These are your spelling words.

Topic Wednesday 29th April 2020
This afternoon, have a go at labelling a lion! With an adult, read the boxes at the bottom of this page. If you have pack B from school, copy the information from the bottom of the page into the correct label boxes. If you do not have a copy, take your time drawing an accurate lion and ask your grown up to draw the label boxes. You can then fill them in. 
Wednesday 29th April 2020 Topic
Thursday 30th April 2020
Thursday 30th April 2020 Maths
By now, you should have gained confidence again with your number bonds to 10. If an adult says any number between 0 and 10 to you, you should be able to give them the 'bond' to ten. For instance, if your grown up says 'four' you should know that the bond is six because 4 and 6 make 10. You may still use your fingers to do that, so when your adult says 'four' you may show four fingers and count the ones that are down to find the bond. Have another practice by clicking here (don't forget to click on Up to 10-make 10) - I'd love to know how many you can get correct before the time runs out :-) 

Today you are using the same sheet/work as yesterday but you are completing set B- use your fingers if you need to. Make sure you write out in your book both bonds e.g. 4 and 6 so we know you understand this. Good luck!
Thursday 30th April 2020 English Writing

Start off by playing this fun phonics game and selecting 'ng'. Next, enjoy the story of Handa's surprise again. 

In your book today, you are going to practice your handwriting of these lowercase letters. c a d o g q. In class we refer to these as curly caterpillar letters, and you can find resources matching this description on twinkl. However, I have found this lovely video which you might enjoy. Have a watch by clicking here and then writing a line of each of these letters in your home learning book. Remember there is an invisible halfway line between the lines in your book, and these letters do not go higher than this (except, of course, the ascender in the letter d). Ensure that your g and q have their bottoms on the lines (the round bit should sit on the line) and their 'tail' (descender) should dangle below the line.

Next, rewatch/listen to the marvellous story of Handa's Surprise by clicking here. You can then use materials in your house to make a paper/stick character of Handa and the monkey to retell the story in your own words. If your grown ups can film you telling some of the story, even better! If you have a printer you can download some stick characters by clicking here
Thursday 30th April 2020 Spelling

Look at your spelling words then read the clues (with support from an adult) can you guess which word the clues are describing? Write it on the sheet or numbered in your home learning book.

Thursday 30th April 2020 Topic

Use this colouring sheet by either printing and colouring, painting or collaging it, drawing your own version or even making a model if you have the equipment. Use this beautiful picture to inspire you to create something- perhaps a poster about an African animal? Maybe you could design a board game to do with this creature? I can't wait to see how this image will inspire you.

Friday 1st May 2020
A new month and sadly we are still stuck at home! I hope you are all doing really well & that the work I am putting up here is useful. I miss teaching you a huge amount. Hope to see you soon- here is a little message from me. 

Notice: Your next brand new pack will be Monday 18th May. There is a pack being printed on Monday which will match this weeks work, however we will be doing in-book work (not relying on sheets) for the next 2 weeks until Monday 18th May. If you want to collect these as extra practice it is fine, but the next time work you need to match what I am putting on here will be in a pack will be Monday 18th May. Thank you so much!
Friday 1st May 2020 Maths 

First, start with singing with Jack Hartmann. After this, you can colour in this cute colour by number (below) or if you don't have a printer/haven't collected a pack why not draw your own picture, number different parts, make a 'key' of what colour each number means you need to use and get an adult or sibling to have a go? 

Today you will need to put numbers 1-10 in your book as you will answer 10 questions. Next, follow this link and choose Level 1 > Addition > Bonds to make 10 > Manual. You will then be asked 'How many more to make 10' and shown a number. Next to where you have written 1. in your book, write the number on your screen, the word and, and the bond that makes ten. For instance my first question was 'How many more to make 10? 2' so on my fingers I showed 2 then counted that 8 fingers were remaining. In my book I wrote 1. 2 and 8

Good luck!!!
1st May Colour by number
Friday 1st May English Writing

Today you will be focusing on your spelling words for the week which are: very, happy, funny, party, family, dizzy, smelly, silly, jolly and sunny.

Start off by inputting the spelling words into a game of your choice here. 

Next, warm up for your wriitng with the handwriting heroes by clicking here. Make sure you practice one line of each letter by pausing the video after you trace the letter in the air. 

Your writing challenge today is to choose 5 words from the list and write 5 sentences, each with one of the words you have chosen in them (obviously don't try and fit them all into one sentence this would be tricky- you should end up with 5 sentences and each will contain one of your spelling words only. Each sentence should have a capital letter, full stop and should have the letters formed correctly. Good luck!!

**Don't forget at some point today to get a grown up to test you on your spellings!!**
Friday 1st May 2020

It's Friday! HOORAY! Have a go at the KSS challenge or create your own wonderful ideas this afternoon. Let us know what you get up to & 'see' you again on Monday. 

Monday 4th May 2020
Maths Monday 4th May 2020

This week we are trying something new, let me know how you get on!! I've explained it a bit more here (sorry about the sound quality at the start! It does improve!!) 

First, your game. You will need the sound up on your computer to play 'Blast off'- this time select Find A Number > In Between and select whichever numbers you would like. If this is too challenging, select Find a Number > Direct. Click here to play.

Your work this week is all pre-prepared on this website. I have explained here a bit about what I'd like you to do and how I would like you to use the site- this should be really good!
Monday 4th May 2020 Maths
Monday 4th May 2020 English

Start with a game- try this one. It's the days of the week! (You need to sit through an ad first- sorry!) If you don't know your days of the week, click here to listen to the song!

Next, you are going to be writing about the story of Handa's surprise using the layout and word mat I have included below. If you need to re watch or re read it, please feel free. I've explained your work here.
Monday 4th May 2020

Word Mat and Layout below

Monday 4th May 2020 Spellings

This week we are going to start with the wordsearch- your spelling words are: 











So your phonics sound is the au and aw which both sound like the word oar. You also have the word your (which is COMPLETELY different from you're so be careful!) it is a tricky word. 

Listen to me explaining here then copy these spelling words above and click to follow this link.

Monday 4th May 2020 Art

Today's art lesson is really special. Listen to why here. Then you can click here for the guide to what you are doing today.
This teacher is so enthusiastic and inspiring!! I can't wait to see what you all create!
Tuesday 5th May 2020
Today, I recommend starting by looking at science as you might want to be a bit flexible with when you will do the activity.
Tuesday 5th May 2020 Maths
Today you will be using white rose hub again. I have explained this briefly here. Next up, click to play this game, selecting numbers up to 99. Then follow this link and scroll to Lesson 2- Fact Families. You will need to write out some number sentences which you can do independently and draw some bar models/part whole models which your grown up might help you with. Good Luck!
Tuesday 5th May 2020 Maths Work
Tuesday 5th May 2020 English
Start with this game  (watch the ad until you can skip it). You need to read the sentence and say whether or not it makes sense. Next, you will need to order some sentences about what happens in Handa's Surpise. I have explained here. 
Tuesday 5th May 2020 English
Tuesday 5th May 2020 Spelling Activity

Follow this link and click to play 'reading with spaceships'. You will first need to copy these words into the website:











Enjoy the pictures that come up when you type them in and have some fun!
Tuesday 5th May 2020 Science

I have included the powerpoint and the tick list here and I have explained what you are doing here. Enjoy your walk and I hope you get chance to spot some signs of spring!! I will let you know how I get on!
Wednesday 6th May 2020
It isn't only you guys enjoying these activities! Click here to see me do my science nature walk- I had a lovely time!
Spelling and reading
Today you need to follow this link  to create and play your spelling wordsearch like you did last week. This week's spelling words are particularly important because the aw (like in straw- sounds like or) is a digraph that catches children out again and again. I have included your spellings for this week below.
Wednesday 6th May 2020 Maths

Your game to warm up this morning is this one. Today, you are completing lesson 3 when you follow this link. The lesson title/objective is 'add together and find a part' I have included the work below (although it, along with the answers should you need them, are on the website.) I have explained your work here. 
Monday 11th May 2020 Spelling
Wednesday 6th May 2020 Maths Work
Monday 11th May 2020 English

Start with your handwriting practice. Follow this link and make sure you do at least one full line of each letter. 

Next, you will be listening to the story again but only up until the word 'four'. You are listening for ADJECTIVES (describing words). Maybe do some practice before listening to the video- can you use colour adjectives, size adjectives, age adjectives etc. E.g. I can see a red rug, I can see a new plant, I can see an enormous mirror. You are listening for describing words. Follow the instructions on the worksheet. You may have to listen to the story a few tmes and rewind and replay certain parts. Don't forget to answer questions in full sentences! 
Wednesday 6th May 2020 English

Start by playing this tricky game! Select easy and Slow- you need to look at the digraph you have been given and splat the coconut which makes this into a real word! For English today we are reading a new book together. I have started to explain more here. When you have watched the story being read you are going to go on an object hunt around your house! I want you to write what you can see that there is one of, two of, three of, four of and five of all the way up to 10. I have written an example below from my house. Enjoy the story, then see what objects in these amounts you can find in your house- it's harder than you think to find the exact number of the objects!

Monday 11th May English
Hungry Caterpillar Spelling Work
Click here and select 5.
All other group's reading work

Just read today, tomorrow you will answer the questions.

Wednesday 6th May 2020 Topic

Here is the explanation of your topic work today and here is the link to follow!
Thursday 7th May 2020
Thursday 7th May 2020
Today in maths I'd like you to start by watching this Jack Hartmann video. Next, you are playing hit the button by clicking here.You will be practicing your number bonds today. Your lesson today is lesson 4 when you follow this link. It is called 'Add by counting on'. Your grown up will need to draw you 2 ten frames for question 1 and a number line for question 2. Then you will need to draw counters for question 1 and jumps on a number line for question 2. The rest of the work is writing out number sentences which you can do independently.
Thursday 7th May 2020 Maths
Thursday 7th May 2020 English
Start by practicing one line of each of these letters in your book. Today you are imagining you have been on a safari walk like in the book 'We All Went On Safari'. Have a look at the picture below and count the animals. How many of each did you see? Write it in sentences like this: 

I saw six monkeys.
I saw one snake.
I saw five frogs. 

I have also included a word mat so you correctly spell numbers and an animal word mat with some of the creatures you might see. 
Thursday 7th May 2020 Spellings
Today, hungry caterpillar need to have another play on the game from yesterday. Everyone else, write your answers to yesterday's comprehension in full sentences in your book.
Thursday 7th May 2020 Topic
Enjoy this folktale about music from Africa. Think about your favourite sounds. Can you use anything in your home as an instrument? Can you make an instrument of your own? Why not listen to your parents favourite songs from when they were children?
VE Day Friday 8th May 2020
As it is VE day, we wouldn't usually be in school. However, if you would like some ideas of what to do, there is an activity on the White Rose Hub websiter here. It's called the Friday Challenge. I have included some activity sheets and a powerpoint about VE day with a quiz incase you would like something to do today! Enjoy! I miss you all!!
Activities VE Day

Your adult might have to draw out some shapes to help you with these.

Monday 11th May 2020
Monday 11th May 2020 Maths

Start off by playing this game to practice your number bonds to 10. Next, follow this link to visit the white rose hub online learning portal (click on the correct week in pink & go to Lesson 1). They now require a paid subscription for the worksheets so I have made my own for us to do for now, you can see it is a bit 'cobbled together' but it's so grown ups only need to draw ten frames and number lines today to support you. Still watch the video on white rose hub before doing the work. 
Monday 11th May 2020 Topic

Be inspired by this video to research and create an African mask

African Masks - Types, Tribal, Animal, Ancient Masks, Quick Facts
Tuesday 12th May 2020 Maths
Start off by playing this fun game (numbers up to 99). Next follow this link and find today's work video. It is entitled 'Subtract within 20'. I have made a worksheet to do after watching the video (and working as instructed when the video is paused). Make sure your grown up draws the number lines to 20 but you write all the number sentences and jumps yourself.
Tuesday 12th May 2020 Maths
Tuesday 12th May 2020 English
First, a video that I'm sure grown ups will be delighted with! Follow this link, it helps you to practice reading sight words.After this, you are sorting words into 2 lists into your book: A list of nouns and a list of adjectives. I have explained it all on the sheet. Good luck!
Tuesday 12th May 2020 English
Tuesday 12th May 2020 

Input your spelling words and check out the pictures here- then play reading with balloons!
Tuesday 12th May 2020 Science

Use the word bank and sentence stem on the attached sheet to have a go at writing about the weather- it certainly has been up and down so it will be an interesting read!!
Tuesday 12th May 2020 Science
Wednesday 13th May 2020
Wednesday 13th May 2020
Start off by playing hit the button to practice your number bonds. Next, follow this link to watch the video for today's lesson 'Add and Subtract Worded Problems'. Then have a look at the animal word problems I have attached. Don't worry, you don't need to write the word problem out!! Just write out the number and the number sentence you worked out. Good luck!
Wednesday 13th May 2020 Maths
Wednesday 13th May 2020 English
Start off by playing forest phonics and selecting 'ee' by clicking here. Today you are describing some African animals to use your knowledge of adjectives! Follow the instructions on the sheet below. 
Wednesday 13th May 2020 English

For hungry caterpillar group, click here and select 5.
Have a go at sounding out to read these words.
All other groups it is just reaidng today, have a look at the comprehension below and read the short text at the top. You will answer the comprehension questions tomorrow.
Wednesday 13th May 2020 Reading
Wednesday 13th May 2020 Topic

Take a look at this map of Africa for kids. What interests you? Can you google that county with an adult (or find it in a book) and write 5 facts about it in your book, and draw a picture? I can't wait to see what your research uncovers!
Thursday 14th May 2020
Thursday 14th May 2020
Start by playing place value basketball by clicking here and selecting numbers up to 99. Next click here and watch lesson 4- compare number sentences. Next, I have included 3 worksheets (and answers). Write out the number sentences and any explanations yourself, underline anything (for example if you wrote < or > underline these) to show what you figured out.

Grown ups: take a look at the three sheets. There is a 'developing' sheet. If your child found this lesson tricky today, us this. If they understood and seemed to do OK during the online lesson, try the 'expected' sheet. If your child has found the work very easy this week use the 'greater depth' sheet today. Write in their book which you used. If you're not sure go for the expected sheet for the first question and make a decision on which sheet to use depending on how they do with this. Good luck!
Thursday 14th May 2020 English

Start with handwriting practice again, click here.Do at least one line of each letter. Next, click on this fun random animal generator here! You can click refresh to get a new selection of animals. When you find one that you think lives in Africa, can you draw it in your book and label the parts of its body. An extension would be adding describing words such as 'soft fur' rather than just fur. Enjoy!
Reading activity Thursday 14th May 2020
Hungry caterpillar group, replay yesterday's game. Everyone else, answer your questions in full sentences.
Thursday 14th May 2020

Find out about Giraffe manor by clicking here. Or, watch this family have a fun experience at this hotel by clicking here and watching until 05:00. Can you design your very own safari themed hotel? You could create a model, sketch a picture or use your computer to draw it. What animals would visit your hotel? What would the activities there be? I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Friday 15th May 2020
Remember at some point today a grown up should test you on your spelling words. Write them in your book and see how you do! 
Friday 15th May 2020 Maths
Today is Friday which means it is challenge time! Click on the documents below and choose a few challenges to complete. Try at least one but if you want to keep going, that is awesome. I have also included a fun certificate to record your score, but don't forget to write your working out, answers and challenge numbers in your book. 
Friday 15th May 2020 English
Today you are going to need some paper with numbers 12, 3 9 and 6 written on them to make a 'clock' around you. You are going to have a fun time following this amazing video to do some African dancing. When you have had a go, draw a picture in your book of yourself doing this dance and write 3 sentences about the dance. You could say if it was a fast dance or a slow dance, whether it was easy or hard, whether you liked the music or not, what you felt like after the dance or anything else. Don't forget capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and HANDWRITING. Good luck!
Friday 15th May 2020 Free Afternoon
This afternoon I encourage you to get creative but to complete a goal. You can look through previous Friday afternoon ideas on here to inspire you, but this is your time to be independent and creative. If you are short of ideas, follow this link and see some Africa topic-themed crafts. I can't wait to see what you do!
Monday 18th May 2020
Monday 18th May 2020 Maths

Start off by ordering 1-100 on a caterpillar by clicking here. Next, click here to look at comparing length and height on today's maths. Next, decide which worksheet to try: developing (if you struggled), expected (if you found it challenging), greater depth (if you found it easy). 
Monday 18th May 2020
Hungry Caterpillar play Mathcing cards by clicking here.
All other groups, click to read your comprehension below. You do not need to answer questions today (but can read them for some good practice of reading question words). 
EVERYONE have a sing along to one of our favourite songs by clicking here. (You don't need to sing all the lyrics, just sing the question words - the five ws)
Monday 18th May 2020 Reading All Other Groups
Monday 18th May 2020 English
Start by watching an episode of Alphablocks.Next, watch kid reporter Dominique find out more about meerkats by clicking here. Can you write about Meerkats and what they have (on their body), eat and what they can do. You don't need to have the sheet, draw the meerkat yourself and just make sure you write 3 sentences about each. E.g: three sentences about what they have, three about what they eat and three about what they do. You might have books at home (or the internet to use with an adult) to help you with this. 
Monday 18th May 2020 Maths
Monday 18th May 2020 Topic

Continuing with our meerkat theme, can you draw and label a more detailed meerkat and sort through the captions at the bottom of the page (and copy them out accurately) to ensure that you have a complete meerkat information poster?

Tuesday 19th May 2020
Tuesday 19th May 2020 Maths

Let's start off with singing with Jack Hartmann. Next, warm up your brain by having a go at some mental addition. Use the sheet provided below and see how many you can do! Maybe use a 5 minute timer to see how many you can do in 5 minutes? Next, you are going to be watching lesson 2 by clicking here. The lesson is called 'Measuring Length'. This is where you need to get creative! If you have same-sized lego bricks, jenga blocks, some frozen peas, teaspoons, DVD cases or any other objects that you have plenty of (and most importantly are all the same size) you could use them to measure. Today you will measure objects in your home. Write and draw the object you measured in your book, and what you used to measure its lenghth and height. My example is below. Do this for at least 3 objects around your home, using the same-sized objects to measure. If you don't have objects that are the same size readily available you could even measure using socks, feet, shoes or hands with a bit of help!

If you found this very easy, try the greater depth challenge. Write some sentences COMPARING your three objects. Which was the longest object? Which was the shortest object? HOW MUCH longer was the longest object than the shortest? Which was the widest object? Which was the narrowest object? Can you order your objects from widest to narrowest? Questions like these will really support vocabulary and understanding. Good luck!!
Tuesday 19th May 2020 Reading

Hungry caterpillar group, have a go at this game 'Odd one out' .You are listening for the word that starts with a sound that is different from the way the others start. You can click on the pictures to hear what they show, which will make this easier for you. Drag the odd one out into the middle!

All other groups, time to answer your comprehension questions from yesterday. Don't forget that they need to be answered in full sentences to show you understand what the question is asking you. 
Tuesday 19th May 2020 English
Ignore the American pronunciation of zebras and herbivores (it's not wrong, but we don't pronounce them this way in England), but watch this cool video about these awesome creatures here. Next you will be writing some sentences about these animals. I would like to see 5 sentences ideally with capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and correctly formed letters. I have included a word bank to help you. I wonder how many of these words you can include? If you would like to draw a small picture too, I would love to see it!!
Tuesday 19th May 2020 English
Tuesday 19th May 2020 Art
You can either research zebra art online (there are some lovely ones if you search 'zebra watercolour' 'zebra embroidery' and 'zebra painting'). Feel free to use any of those search terms to be inspired. You can use whatever medium you like to create your art this afternoon, such as stitching, felt, paints, chalks and many more. I have included an awesome link here- which is a simple draw along, to teach a go-to standard way to draw a zebra. It's not as creative as option one but it is a LOT of fun and you will be really pleased with the results if you choose to do this one- if you're feeling really arty you could do both!! With the video I paused it a few times so I could keep up with the child in the video! She was speedy!
Wednesday 20th May 2020
Maths Wednesday 20th May 2020

Today, you will be doing some more measuring. Before you start, have another go at some adding in your head using the sheet below. Maybe time yourself for 10 minutes and see how many you can get correct in this time? Write them in your book as the rest of your work today is online!!
Next, follow this link and watch today's maths video. Then your activity today is to play this game online. Scroll down and click 'play now' on the first game called 'Measure length- metric units'. You must watch the video first as this is a new concept in year 1. 
Mental maths Wednesday 20th May
Wednesday 20th May 2020 English
Today you are going to write a letter as if you are sending it to one of the children in the video you will watch. Think about what questions you would like to ask them (don't forget question marks!), and also what you would like to tell them about yourself. Then ask them some questions about their trip and find out what you would like to know- such as their favourite meal, place, hotel or animal. Why not give them some information about a trip you have taken and enjoyed? Choose to write to Dorothy or Manila and click on this link to watch about their African trip. Start watching at 1.28 (the grown ups will tell you a bit about their house being built, you can skip this part between 4.04 and 5.21) Watch until about 9 minutes through in total. I can't wait to hear what you would ask this family about their adventure!
Wednesday 20th May 2020 Spelling

Have a look at the spelling list below and then play games on spelling training. com
Spelling Wednesday 20th May
Wednesday 20th May 2020 Topic

I have found a website which lists some African- themed games and activities. Choose something that interests you, and have a go! Take some photos if you can!
Thursday 21st May 2020
Thursday 21st May 2020 Maths
Start off with a new challenge with Jack Hartmann- an introduction to telling the time! Sing along with him. I wonder if your grown up asks you today what time it is (o'clock hour not quarter past, half past or any other) you could tell them? Next, watch today's video on the home learning page- Introduce weight and Mass. Then, have a go at the worksheet below. You obviously cannot tick the sheet or fill in the gaps- so simply write the number and then your answer/s in words next to it. Don't forget the date!
Thursday 21st May 2020 English and Spelling
Start off by having a sing along with all of the phonics sounds that have a song to accompany them. Your English and spelling activity is all rolled into one today. Take a look at, or write down, your spelling words for this week (uploaded yesterday). Next, unjumble the spelling words for Mr Whoops and write them out in your book unjumbled. The challenge task at the end is your English work, but can you also choose 2 more of your words to put into neat sentences? So you should have 4 sentences altogether. 
Thursday 21st May 2020 Topic

Go through this awesome powerpoint to learn some more about Africa. There will be a quiz at the end- so pay attention to what your grown up is reading! 

When you get to the Landmarks quiz, write the number of the question you are answering. Read/be read the question. Each possible answer: a, b and then c will pop up. Stop here!! Choose your answer and write it next to the number (either just a,b,c or the full answer.) When you click again after c the answer will be revealed!! Then move on to the next one.
Friday 22nd May 2020
Friday 22nd May 2020 Maths
As it's Friday it is challenge time! Click here and go to today's video. Next, choose some challenges below and see if you can problem solve to find the answer. Put your answer in your book & don't forget to write which challenge you chose!
Friday 22nd May 2020 English

Today you are going to be something a little different... your English also incorporates some music AND topic!! Usually on a Friday we enjoy music lessons so I thought this would be nice. You are listening to different music from all around the world and answering questions about what you have heard. I cant wait to hear your answers!! Don't forget, your grown up needs to test your spellings one day this week.

Friday afternoon: Free time

Don't forget to include photos of anything creative you do this afternoon!
Tuesday 2nd June 2020

I hope you all had a super half term and training day yesterday. Our new topic is 'Islands and Seas'. I will continue to update this page wth our day's learning n school.
Tuesday 2nd June 2020
Today's maths is actually 'Lesson 1- Measure Mass' on the white rose page- click here to watch it. Then have a look at the sheet below. You will need to write out the sentences and fill in the gaps, or get an adult to write out the sentences and you can fill in the gaps. Good luck!
Tuesday 2nd June 2020 Maths
Tuesday 2nd June 2020 Spelling
Have a look at this week's spelling list and have a go at the games on this website to practice your spellings.
Spelling List 2nd June 2020
Tuesday 2nd June 2020 English
Today we will be thinking about Action for Happiness and their amazing ideas, as it is a tricky time for everyone. Today's action is to think of a worry and re-frame it to a positive. Can you think of a worry you have, or someone else might have at the moment? Write it down and draw a picture. Then draw a lovely big arrow down your page and write how you might re-frame that worry as a positive and draw a picture of it. For example a worry might be 'I might be bored at home this weekend' but you can reframe this as 'I have lots of toys- maybe I will find some I had forgotten all about!' or 'I am grateful to have a lovely home to stay in' or 'I can use this weekend to make up a brand new game'. I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Tuesday 2nd June Topic
Our new topic is Islands and Seas. In the dictionary an island is defined as: a piece of land surrounded by water. Can you look at a world map, or google earth to find an island? Can you find 3 different islands and write down their names in your book? If you would like, why not do some research on your computer (with an adult) or in an atlas about one of the islands, and draw some pictures of things/animals you might find their, the flag of the island and anything else you found interestng?
Wednesday 3rd June 2020 Maths- Compare Mass
Start off playing this fun game where you use balancing scales for weight. Next, your lesson today is on White Rose Hub today is Lesson 2- Compare Mass. Next up, I have included a worksheet below. Have a good look. In your book write the number of the question and then answer in a full sentence. Good luck!
Wednesday 3rd June Maths
Wednesday 3rd June Spelling
Have a go at this junior word search-style activity. Type in your spelling words and see if you can find them.
Wednesday 3rd June 2020 English
Have a go at the yes/no yeti game by clicking here. If you find this too tricky try this game instead. Today for 'Joyful June' (Check it out on Action for Happiness' website) Today your activity is to think of and write down 3 things you are grateful for. Make sure you use capital letters and full stops, and focus on neat handwriting. 
Wednesday 3rd June 2020 Art
As your new topic is Islands and Seas, I thought today would be a great opportunity to paint or draw an island of your own. Either do this from your imagination or watch this cool video to see a step by step for drawing an island. Enjoy!
Thursday 4th June 2020 Maths
Start off by playing this fun game- click here.Today you need to click here and have a go at lesson 3 - 'Introduce Capacity and Volume'. Today you are drawing some containers with different amounts of water in and then writing a sentence that describes the picture using the worksheet below to support you! Good luck 
Thursday 4th June 2020 Maths
Thursday 4th June 2020 Reading
Hungry Caterpillar group click here to play this game today. All other groups, today you are just reading - no need to answer the questions! Good luck!
Thursday 4th June 2020 Reading
Thursday 4th June 2020 English

To start off, play this game and select 'revise all'. Looking agan at Action for Happiness, and their 'Joyful June' calendar. Today, can you write a thank you message for someone who is helping others during this tricky time? This could be a supermarket worker, a doctor, a care worker, a bus driver, a delivery driver or anyone else that is still working hard to help others. You could even thank someone that you know that has stayed at home to protect others. 
Thursday 4th June 2020 Topic

Today you are making a model of an island. I have put a picture for some inspiration below but you could make your model out of dry food e.g. pasta, recycling products, salt dough (click here to see how to make it), or paper. Whilst you make your model island why not click here to listen to some ukelele music?

Friday 5th June 2020 Maths
Start by practicing those really important number bonds to 10! You will need to know these in Year 2, so if you find it tricky practice with your fingers first. For instance, if an adult says '0 and what make 10' you put down 0 fingers- you can see that there are ten left to make 10! If your grown up says '4 and what make 10' you can put down four fingers and see how many more you would need to make 10. Next, you will be working on 'Lesson 4- Measure Capacity' then you will answer 3 questions in your book. For question 2, you will need to WRITE OUT the capacity of the teapot. 
Friday 5th June Maths
Friday 5th June 2020 English
Start with handwriting - one line of each of the letters in this video. Today's Joyful June activity is: 'Smile and be friendly, even if you are social distancing'. This is something great to discuss" When you have finished talking about this, your work today is to draw a good friend and write the ways a friend can be a good friend. Below is a worksheet for you to read with your adult and discuss the different points. Some make a good friend, some would be bad choices for a friend to make. Can you neatly write at least 3 examples of a good friend under your picture?
Friday 5th June 2020 English

Remember you don't need to fill out the sheet, just use the ideas in the top of the sheet. Answers on page 2 if you need them!

Friday 5th June 2020
Don't forget to test yourself on your spellings this week!! Hungry caterpillar group- have another go at your game from yesterday. Everyone else- have a look at what you read yesterday and you need to answer the questions in full sentences.
Friday 5th June Afternoon Free Time

I have included a few lovely ideas below which I only had to edit slightly- if the weather forecast is right it looks like a rainy weekend is ahead of us! I know lockdown means you might be running out of ideas. My plan is a bit like suggestion 3- I'm organising all of the books in our house into colours! I want to make our bookshelf look like a rainbow!! Have a super weekend- I miss you all very much.

Monday 8th June 2020 Maths

Start by playing blast off by clicking here and selecting 'count on and back' and '0 to 20'. Next, click here and have a look at today's lesson: Lesson 1- Count in 2s. Next, have a look at the worksheet below & have a go in your books. Good luck!
Monday 8th June 2020 Maths
Spelling W/C 8th June 2020

Have a go at some of the games on - have fun seeing what picture pops up when you type in your words!!!

Monday 8th June 2020 English
First, click here and select 'ch' to play! Next in 'Joyful June' our task is to write a letter to someone to say thank you. Click here to recap what we already know about letter writing. Who will you write a letter to? I can't wait to see!
Monday 8th June 2020 Topic
Today you will learn the names of the continents by singing this song (although Australia sometimes is known as other things- can you find out the other names?) Do you know what the continents are? Can you find out one country from each continent and write them in your book/draw a poster about the continent names and the countries that are there? If we were in school we would be using atlases and the internet as well as printed maps- but whatever you have at home is super!
Tuesday 9th June 2020 Maths

To start, think about counting in 2s like yesterday's lesson and sing with Jack Hartmann by clicking here. Next, click here to watch Lesson 2- Count in 5s. I have uploaded a challenge below to do afterwards- get your drawing skills ready!
Tuesday 9th June 2020 Spellings

Today make a wordsearch and see if you can have a go, with your spelling words from this week (you can find them on Monday's information further up the page). Click here to create your own online wordsearch (don't forget to select 'online' on step 3)

You need to go for a walk for today's science lesson/go outside (obviously only if you're not isolating at home!) So if you go for a walk this morning don't forget to look at science first 
Tuesday 9th June 2020 English
Start by singing this tricky words song. Next, have a look at today's Joyful June! I have suggested some genres and musical artists you might not have listened to together. Enjoy these whilst you play, dance or draw. Then have a go writing about them. Have a look at the sheet below for some ideas.
Tuesday 9th June 2020 Science
Have a look at the powerpoint and worksheet below. You might want to copy down the plant names and draw them before going on your work. Can you use a tally chart? That means that you draw a line for every 1 you see, but when you see the 5th, you draw a 'gate' - this will support you with counting in 5s which is today's maths lesson. You can see a tally chart explained a bit more here.
Wednesday 10th June 2020 Maths
Frst up, a racing game! Follow the link and hop your chick to the leaves by clicking on the leaves that match the number! You are racing against some other birds- maybe you can win? Click here to have a go. Next, have a look at the lesson 'Count on in 10s' here. You might want a copy of a number square to refer back to whilst you work- ther is one here. I have included a sheet of questions- just don't forget to number them in your book. You can choose to do all 3 if you like, but I am happy if you choose the sheet that suits you best based on how easy you found the video. If you found it a challenge, try sheet 1 (it has a red D in a red star), if you found it just right try sheet 2 (a blue E in a star) and if you found it easy try sheet 3 (with an orange GD). You don't need to write which one you've done for me, I will be able to tell by the numbers (of the questions) you write as the D sheet goes from 1 - 4b, but E goes from 5-8b and so on. 
Wednesday 10th June 2020 Reading

If you are Hungry Caterpillar group, have a go on a phonics bloom game of your choice (phase 2) everyone else, read the part at the top.

Wednesday 10th June 2020
Start off by playing Obb and Bob! Next, your Joyful June activity is to take a photo of something that brings you joy and share it. Today I was wondering if you could take a photo or draw a picture and write 3 things: 1) what it is, 2) where it is and 3) why it brings joy. I can't wait to read them!!
Wednesday 10th June 2020 Computing
A bit of a computing topic session, play this amazing pirate game.It teaches you about using the arrow keys on a keyboard (computing skill), coordinates on a map (geography skill) and instruction following (listening skill). I had lots of fun playing this and hope you will too!!
Thursday 11th June 2020
Today, I want you to do something a little different from the usual White Rose Hub maths. Start with singing along to Jack Hartmann to count in 2s. Next, you are practicing your mental maths skills. You are ordering numbers smallest to largest. You need to click on Level 1> Ordering>Smallest First> Up to 20. When you can play you can either set a time limit or click manual to just take your time and click onto the next question whenever you are ready. Click here for today's work.
Thursday 11th June 2020 English
Today for Joyful June you are meant to say positive things in conversation. Can you think of 5 nice things you have said to someone today? Or 5 things you could say to someone that would make them feel happy? I have written some below:

1) I like your t-shirt!
2) You are so kind.
3) Can I help you?
4) Wow you are amazing.
5) Thank you very much.
Thursday 11th June 2020
Hungry caterpillar group click here to play this game. Everybody else: can you answer the questions from yesterday's reading in full sentences?
Thursday 11th June 2020 Topic
As many children are returning today we are drawing the people in our bubble.Can you draw the people/pets that are at home with you? I have included a sheet for an idea- you could draw a big house like this around the people in your picture. Remember your family aren't sticks! Make sure you look at them carefully and draw all of their features such as eyes, pupils, eyebrows, noses, ears etc!
Thursday 11th June 2020 Topic
A quick message from me 
Click here to hear a quick update from me!
Maths Friday 12th June 2020
Today in maths we are back on White Rose Hub, we are learning to add equal groups. Start off by playng hit the button and practicing your number bonds by clicking here. Next click here and look at Lesson 4- Add Equal Groups. I will upload 3 sheets next- D = developing (do this if you found the lesson hard) E= Expected (do this if you found the lesson just fine) GD = Greater Depth (try this if you found this really easy. Good luck!
Maths Friday 12th June 2020
Spelling Friday 12th June 2020
Spellings: Get a grown up to test you on your spellings today!
Friday 12th June 2020 English
Today in class we will be painting pictures and writing letters to our friends in other bubbles which will be photographed and shown to the other bubbles on Monday. Can you draw a picture and write us a message? We would love to hear from you!! Send a photo of it in to school if you like and we will share it too. 
Friday afternoon free time
Have a look at last week's free time suggestions and have a go! 
Monday 15th June 2020
Today, we are thinking about adding groups of the same amount. But first start with playing this ordering game (select ordering> forwards> 1-100). Next, click here to watch today's video lesson (Make Arrays). Next, click on the work below. In your book, write the number and then complete the sentences provided to describe the arrays shown. Good luck!
Monday 15th June 2020 Maths
Make sure you are learning and practicing your spellings each week! First, independently copy spellings onto a note pad (get a grown up to check you are accurately writing the words down). Then visit spelling training and type these words in independently with a grown up supporting you. Then choose which game to play!
Spelling Monday 15th June
Monday 15th June 2020 English
Today Joyful June suggests re-discovering a game or activity that you haven't tried in a while. For your English work today, draw a picture of you doing an activity, playing with a toy or playing a game that you haven't played in a while. Can you write 5 sentences to tell me about it? Can you include describing words, capital letters and full stops? Can you use the word 'and' in a sentence to make it longer?
Monday 15th June Topic
This afternoon you will be learning to draw pacific patterns. Watch this guide, which lists everything you need and explains how to draw the patterns and shapes as well as what they actually mean. Click here to see it.
A little note for parents:
Cbeebies have released a brilliant and powerful 1 minute video about people being treated equally. Your child may have seen some sad things in the news recently, so if you wanted a child-friendly message I have provided a link here. *please note, this takes you to a facebook account for Cbeebies
Tuesday 16th June 2020 Maths
Start off with this cool song- it gives you a clue about today's learning. I wonder if you can guess what today's learning is? Click here to see it.... drumroll..... it is making doubles! Then download your worksheet and use the pictures to double. Good luck. Imporant to remember: doubling is adding something to itself. 
Maths 16th June 2020
Spelling Tuesday 16th June 2020
Today, visit this page to make an online interactive wordsearch from your spelling words.
Tuesday 16th June 2020 English

Start by playing alien escape. Next, your job for Joyful June is to ask a loved one what they are grateful for. Can you write three things that they say? Draw a lovely picture of the person you asked. 
Tuesday 16th June 2020 Science
Today's lesson is about different plants, you will design a garden of your own (there are 2 sheets together- you don't need to print or have sheet 1 up- it's what we would use in class.) However if you scroll down to sheet 2 it has the beautiful plants for you to add to your garden. Which will you choose? I can't wait to see!
Wednesday 17th June 2020 Maths

First start off playing hit the button- maybe you could have a go at doubles to 10? Next, click here to watch today's lesson 'Make equal groups (Sharing)' Then have a go at the worksheet. You might want to use some objects to help you or you can just draw your working out in your book.
Wednesday 17th June 2020 Maths
Wednesday 17th June 2020 Reading
Hungry caterpillar group, click here and have a play! Everyone else, I've attached your reading activity for today below.
Wednesday 17th June 2020 Reading
Hungry caterpillar group, click here and have a play! Everyone else, I've attached your reading activity for today below.
Reading 17th June 2020
Wednesday 17th June 2020 English

Start off playing the yes no yeti by clicking here.
Today as part of Joyful June I have a wonderful challenge for you! I would like you to draw a self portrait and write all the things that are amazing about you around the outside. It could be your talents or your personality- what makes you so special? I could list TONNES of things about each of you- you are all amazing!
Wednesday 17th June 2020 Topic

Today you will be learning about the island of Madagascar by watching this cool video. Can you make a poster all about this amazing island nation?
Thursday 18th June 2020 Maths
Start with this fun game (numbers up to 99). Next click here and look at lesson 4 - Making Equal Groups (Grouping). There are a few worksheets below- you might need to do some drawing and sentence writing to set these out in your book.
Maths Thursday 18th June
Thursday 18th June 2020 Reading
Hungry caterpillar click here to play. Everyone else is answering their reading from yesterday in their books- in full sentences. If you want an extra challenge, the children in school are working on the a_e sound, so click here and select the a_e option.
Thursday 18th June 2020 English
Today for Joyful June your challenge is to write a letter (a positive note) to someone. In school we will see real letter examples, so perhaps you could look at some letters at home? I've uploaded one too. See how a letter should look- can you write a note of positvity? I can't wait to see it.
18th June 2020 Englsh Letter Example
Topic 18th June 2020

Click here to find out about Giant Tortoises who live on the Galapagos Islands! Can you draw a picture of them, or make a model? Can you find the Galapagos Islands on Google Earth or in an Atlas?
Friday 19th June
Maths Friday 19th June
Repeat yesterday's game by playing 'hit the button' doubles to 10 by clicking here. Next, you will need some equipment for this lesson: Small objects (ideally the same sort as one another and same size) in school we will use cubes and counters but you could use lego pieces, frozen peas, dried pasta pieces, screwed balls of tin foil. You will need 30 altogether. Look at the instructions in the lesson - can you use your equipment to make what is being asked of you? Repeat for all slides, then write out the maths sentences in your books filling in the gaps. 
Friday 19th June Spelling 
Test yourself on your spellings today- get an adult to mark them and see how you did!
Friday 19th June English
Start off with a game- we found a-e split vowel digraph VERY tricky to come back to. Start by watching this video with an adult to support you. Remind your child that it still says 'ay' its just split up- so you would read cake as c ae k but the a and e get split. Practice this with the e-e too and have a go at forest phonics for the e-e sound by clicking here. Next for Joyful June your job is to create a list of memories you are grateful for. I have attached a worksheet which is what we will do in school.
Friday afternoon: Free Learning

Why not find out more about something that interests you? Why not build a model? Let me know what you get up to!
Monday 22nd June 2020
Monday 22nd June 2020 Maths
Today we are practicing counting to 100, so have a sing with Jack Hartmann. Next, click here and watch today's video explanation (Count to 100). I have included a worksheet below with 3 levels D- if you found the lesson a challenge, E- if the lesson was perfect for you and GD- if you found the lesson really easy. The first question requires you fill out the number squares- as with anything you don't need to print it off- just write the answers in your book (include the number question you are on too).
Monday 22nd June Maths
Spelling week commencing 22nd June
Take a look at your spellings below, independently write them down (your grown up should check you are copying them accurately) then click here... now you should be able to type them in independently and choose a game to play.
Spellings Week Commencing 22nd June
Monday 22nd June 2020 English
Start by playing forest phonics for the o_e sound by clicking here. Next up, it's your Joyful June activity! Similar to last week, today we are thinking about happy memories. This time you are thinking about a memory with someone who means a lot to you. Draw and label this person so I know who they are. Then write your favourite memory with this person below. 
Monday 22nd June 2020 Topic

Time to get active! In school we would sometimes use our topic to inspire our PE lessons. Have a go at these dance and fitness videos themed around islands and seas!

Just Dance- Under the Sea- Choose one character to be and copy only them
Five a day fitness Pirates- you will remember this from international pirate's day
Lighthouse - A song we enjoy in class collective worship
Tuesday 23rd June 2020
Tuesday 23rd June 2020 Maths
Start off by clicking here  to play Hit the Button. For Year 2 maths you will need to know your number bonds to 10 and doubles and halves to 20. Choose which you will practice today, or have a go at all three and make a note of anything you find tricky to make sure you practice later. Next click here and have a look at lesson 2 before completing the work in your book.
Maths 23rd June 2020

Choose which sheet to try: D, E or GD Some of these questions are tricky to set out in your book- so have a go at drawing the objects before writing the number they represent.

Tuesday 23rd June 2020 English
Today as part of Joyful June, can you think of something you are grateful for even though you least expect it? For example, the weather hasn't been good recently which made me sad. But it meant I could get stuck into a book indoors and have a few chilled out days inside rather than going for walks. So a bad thing turned out good! What example can you think of? Write it neatly in your book and don't forget to include a picture!
Spelling 23rd June
Head over to spelling training .com and choose a game to play with your spelling words for the week.
This afternoon (don't get too sleepy!) listen to The Night Pirates. Can you design or make your own pirate ship? What would it look like? You can either make a model or draw, colour and label a picture- or perhaps you could even paint it! I can't wait to see them!
Wednesday 24th June 2020
Wednesday 24th June 2020 Maths
Start off by playing shark maths and clicking 'up to 99' - this will be a good recap of what numbers to 100 look like in different representations and should help you with today's work. Next, look at today's lesson on White Rose Hub by clicking here. I have attached a worksheet below- write both numbers in your book and use the greater than and less than symbols. We think of these as crocodile mouths, the crocodile always eats the larger number. 
Wednesday 24th June 2020
Spelling Activity 24th June 2020
Click here and create a wordsearch to play online! 
Wednesday 24th June 2020 English
First, have a sing and read along to this song. At the end of each group of words they will all pop up in a speech bubble- can you read them out as they pop up? Next, it is time to write another letter. Today for Joyful June you are writing a letter to a friend to thank them for the joy they bring into your life. I have attached a couple of word mats below- can you use a bit of the vocabulary from one of the mats to extend your sentences and widen your written vocabulary? 
Wednesday 24th June 2020 English
Wednesday 24th June 2020 Topic
Today you are going to be a scuba diver- click on the powerpoint and select 'slideshow' then 'from beginning' as you click the space bar your 'goggles' will look around- what can you see? Enjoy your scuba diving adventure. Now imagine you are back on the island- can you draw a picture diary to record the creatures you saw? Scuba divers often do this!! Have fun. If you'd like extra atmosphere, play this in the background whilst you play the powerpoint. ***It is important you dont just click through the slides as you won't get the full effect. Open the power point, click on the bar at the top that says slideshow, then click on the option that says 'from beginning' 
Topic 24th June 2020

There should be a question mark at the end of the name of the powerpoint but the program doesn't allow me to!

Thursday 25th June 2020
Thursday 25th June 2020 Maths
Start by playing Hit the Button- choose something you need to practice and see if you can improve it. Next click here and look at today's lesson- Lesson 4 (Comparing Numbers 2). Then have a go at the included worksheets. You might need to write down numbers rather than circling them with this sheet. I have included 2 types of sheet today- one is Fluency (the basics) and the next is Reasoning & Problem solving. As with other sheets you have used ensure you choose one level (one sheet) for your child to complete from EACH of these. E.g. If they found the work difficult today, choose the fluency D sheet for fluency and reasoning/problem solving. E if they found the work perfect. GD if it was a doddle!! So that means your child will do 2 sheets today. Bare in mind there are answers on the last page so don't show them this by accident.
Thursday 25th June 2020 Phonics
Your phonics sound today is i-e (a split vowel digraph that sounds like the word eye). Play the game Forest Phonics and select i_e here. I have included an activity below. You need to open the activity, and then click here to roll a dice- or roll one at home if you have one. What number did you get? Can you read a word from that line?
Thursday 25th June 2020 English
Today Joyful June has inspired me! Can you write instructions for how to make a jam sandwich, or a cup of tea? There are two videos of this linked here:

How to make a cup of tea      and     How to make a jam sandwich 

I have included a sheet for the jam sandwich with muddled up pictures. Can you un muddle them and draw them in your book, and write the instruction that goes with the picture next to it? Words you need to include in your instructions: First, then, after that, next and finally.
Thursday 25th June 2020 Science
You may want to go for a walk for this, or use google street view or trees in your garden to help with this. I would take a photo of the leaf hunt sheet on a phone or tablet to take it with you if you don't have a printer. Good luck!
Friday 26th June 2020
Friday 26th June 2020 Maths
Have another go at hit the button for doubles to 10, halves to 10 and number bonds to make 10. If you need extra support with any of them, I have found 3 different powerpoints online that you could go through for any that you struggle with. Then have a go at the worksheets. For the number bonds sheet, you will need to write out the number sentences. For the halving sheet, look at the bees in the hive. Imagine there are ten. Write in your book 'half of 10 is 5'. For the doubling sheet you don't need to draw the dominoes- just write 'Double ___ is ___'
Downloaded powerpoints

I found these online and they could be useful if any children find Hit the Button tricky

Today, make sure to do a 'spelling test'
Friday 26th June 2020 English
Today in Joyful June you will be thinking about turning what could have been a negative into a positive. Read this lovely story about a little alien learning resilence (powerpoint), then have a look at the scenario cards. Choose a scenario (an adult will have to read them) and say what you think Zid the alien would do. He is very good at turning negatives (or things that could be seen as negative) into positives. Can you choose a scenario and write 3 sentences saying what Zid would do?
Friday 26th June 2020 Afternoon

It's free Friday. Why not have a try at some games you have enjoyed online this week? If you've had too much screentime, why not ask if you can help with cooking this afternoon, or play in the garden? You could have a go at the KSS challenge, or get creative. I can't wait to hear what you got up to. 
Monday 29th June 2020
Monday 29th June 2020 Maths
Today you are going to be ordering numbers. Some of the work on this sheet is a little tricky to do without a printer (e.g. ordering on a number track by drawing lines to places the numbers belong, and matching insects to their place in a race) grown ups might need to use some of ther drawing skills to put these into your books! 

Start off with playing this game - select COUNT BACK, 1-100

Next click here for today's maths lesson: Ordering numbers. Next choose which level to complete of the worksheet below. Thank you all for your hard work at home- I'm so proud of you all!!!
Monday 29th June 2020 Spelling
INDEPENDENTLY write down the words from the spelling list below (but get a grown up to check you haven't missed any letters. Visit this website and independently type your spelling words in (do any pictures pop up?) then have a play on one of the games.
Spelling week commencing 29th June


Monday 29th June 2020 English
Today for Joyful June you need to make the time to do something that makes you happy. Can you think about what things make you happy? Perhaps you could listen to Favourite Things from the Sound of Music (available on Youtube)? Can you write what makes you happy? If you need inspiration I have included a sheet below for an idea of how you could present things that make you happy/your favourite things.
Monday 29th June 2020 PE
Time to get active! Can you dance along to this pirate themed song? Can you make up your own?
Tuesday 30th June 2020
Tuesday 30th June 2020 Maths
**Again, today's worksheet asks you to circle pictures or choose smallest amounts- just write the value of the coin you chose- and do the same with the part/whole models. **

Start by introducing coins and discussing them by clicking here and selecting 'sorting' 'sort one coin'

Next, click here and complete today's lesson. As you work, have a think about whether you will do the D, E or GD worksheet- it's totally up to you!
Maths work 30th June 2020
Spelling 30th June 2020
Visit Spelling Training and choose a fun game to help practice your spelling!
Tuesday 30th June 2020 English
Today is our last day of Joyful June! Have you enjoyed doing English lessons this way? Today you are making a list of things that make you happy. I would love to see these. Maybe you could continue to add to it? How about popping it on the fridge and adding things that make you happy as you think of them?

Before you do this, have a play on forest phonics and choose consonant clusters: sp, gr, sl, fl
Topic 30th June 2020
This afternoon we are focusing on seas- specifically the pirates that sailed the seas many years ago! With an adult read through this fabulous powerpoint! What would your pirate name be? Mine would be Pegleg Mc Boatface!! Can you talk like a pirate? Perhaps your adult can record a video of you doing this? Then have a go at making your very own pirate hat!
Wednesday 1st July 2020
1st July Maths lesson
Start by practicing your coin knowledge, playing the same game as yesterday but this time select 'ordering' 1p-20p. Next, click here to watch your lesson for today, Today you will again need to decide- did you find this lesson a challenge meaning you need to try worksheet D (developing), was it just right (E- expected) or was it a piece of cake GD (Greater Depth). It doesn't matter which you choose to do, different lessons challenge people differently so just go for the level of challenge you are most comfortable with. 
Maths Work 1st July 2020
Spellings 1st July 2020
Have a go at making an interactive wordsearch by clicking here
Wednesday 1st July 2020

A new topic today! Follow this link to hear me (part way through this I will tell you to pause me... when I do I want you to click here.) What story is this from? Now finsh listening to my video. 

If the link isn't working for you, your job is to list all of the fairy tales or traditional tales you know. Can you notice any similarites such as a wolf in more than one story, or magical powers in more than one story? It would be great to see your list of fairy tales and themes on class dojo!
Wednesday 1st July 2020 Topic
Continuing with yestedays pirate theme- AHOY SHIPMATES, I have a challenge for ye.... can you find the 3D shapes in this picture? Write down where you see them!
Topic Shape Hunt
Thursday 2nd July 2020
Thursday 2nd July 2020 Maths

Start off by playing this game - you can select your level of challenge but I would suggest starting with 'one coin' challenges then moving on to 'mixed coins'. Next click here and watch Lesson 4- 'Counting Coins'. Then have a go at the worksheets attached. Good luck!
Thursday 2nd July 2020 English
Today we are thinking about fairy tales again. Watch this version of Cinderella. Do you notice how fairy tales often start and end the same way? How do fairy tales often start? How do they often end? Today you can choose one of the parts of the story of Cinderella and illustrate it. I can't wait to see which part you choose!
Thursday 2nd July English
Reading Thursday 2nd June 2020

Today, play the Yes / No Yeti by clicking here.
Thursday 2nd July 2020 Topic
This afternoon there are some riddles to solve! How did you do? Can you write a riddle of your own? I'd love to try and work them out!
Thursday 2nd July 2020 Topic
Friday 3rd July 2020
Friday 3rd July 2020 Maths
Today we are doing a 'recap' of some prior learning. We will be focusing on partitioning and ordering number. Attached are slides of songs and games to play. Can you order the numbers on the Chinese Dragon Game? Can you draw these numbers in base 10? So for instance, 34 would look like this  (3 tens and 4 ones). Your work today is to load the Chinese Dragon Game (select ordering 1-100), and you need to write each number from smallest to largest but also drawing the numbers in base 10. It might even help you to draw the base 10 on scraps of paper first to help you with the ordering as it makes it more visual. Good luck!
Maths 3rd July 2020
Friday 3rd July 2020 English
Today in English you are looking at another version of Cinderella here. Whilst you watch this have a think: What is the SAME as the version you watched yesterday? What is different? What did you prefer about each? This could even be the way it's presented rather than just elemenets of the story. Your job today is to order the story. I have attached a sheet with the story muddled up. Get a grown up to support you to read each part of the story. Next, put them in order. Write out each sentence in order in your book. You could even illustrate with a picture. 
English Friday 3rd March
Friday Afternoon Free Time
Have a fun, free, creative afternoon. I found this blog for parents to take a look at. This might inspire you, not necessarily for today... but for free time that links to our topic. Good luck!
Monday 6th July 2020
Monday 6th July 2020 Maths
Start off by practicing your number bonds to 10 with Hit the Button. Next, click here for today's learning- Lesson 1 'Find a Half'. Today's lesson doesn't lend itself to book work. Sheets for this tend to need printing, so instead today play this game and identify if an image shows half or not a half of a shape. If you would like to do some book work too, your grown up could draw you some shapes and you could colour half of them in?
Spellings 6th July 2020

Here are your spellings for this. Maybe you could try and write these in fancy writing, such as bubble writing, and decorate around them? If this doesn't appeal you can always visit to play any of their games!

Monday 6th July 2020 English
Today you are focusing on things that stay the same in versions of cinderella and things that change in different versions of cinderella. Today listen to this storyteller tell the tale. If you can't remember any similarities or differences, or are struggling to think of any, look back through our last few lessons and click to listen to those versions again so you can compare them. Next, independently fold your page in half (fold lengthways- you should be able to do this only with verbal help from an adult). One side needs to be labelled 'similarities' and one 'differences'. Can you write on the similarities side all of the things that were the same in every version of the story? On the differences side can you write a list of all the things that changed in the different versions?
Monday 6th July 2020 PE

Today it is a PE lesson all themed on Pirates because this element of our topic of islands and seas seems very popular!!! Follow this link and play this fun pirate game. Maybe you could make up a rule of your own? Let me know how you get on!
Tuesday 7th July 2020
Tuesday 7th July 2020 Maths
The warm up today will need a grown up to supervise as the way the questions are phrased are new to the children, but it's very useful to understand meanings and ways that questions could be phrased. Select '+' and 'Up to 20- one more'. Here is the game, it's called the Mental Maths Train.

Next click on today's lesson here (Lesson 2- Find a half (2)). Your work is attached below. If you do not have a printer, follow the instructions below. If you have a printer, use it to print out this work and complete it (ignore partner work as you cannot do this without other children completing work with you.

If you do not have a printer: Follow these instructions for each numbered question on the worksheet

1. a  Draw half of the pencils shown on the below worksheet
b. Write out the sentence with your answer

2.  a. Draw this many stars and colour half
​​​​​​b. Draw this many pears and colour half of them

3. a. Write out the sentence : Half of ___ is ___ with the answers
b. The same as above
c. As above

4. Write out and complete the sentence
Maths Tuesday 7th July 2020
Spelling 7th July 2020
Create a wordsearch by clicking here and see if you can find this week's spellings.
Tuesday 7th July 2020

Today you have got a writing challenge. You are looking at the first four pictures in the story map below. Can you tell the story to an adult for those four pictures? Next, in your neatest writing try and write at least 2 sentences for each of the four pictures. To challenge yourself, include describing words (adjectives), Send me your best sentences on dojo!

MRS PICKARD'S GROUP: You have an additional challenge as you got onto this already on Friday- you busy bees!!! I have attached a comprehension for you. Don't forget to write the full sentences- I have written sentence stems to help you!
Science Tuesday 7th July 2020

For Science today, you are learning more about plants. Click here for a lovely explanation video about plants. Next, your work. Today your work is to play 5 different activity games to consolidate your learning on plants. Click here and complete all 5 challenges. 
Wednesday 8th July 2020
Maths Wednesday 8th July 2020

Start off with a memory game that can also test your knowledge of names of 2D shapes if an adult sits with you and chats about them with you. Click here for a memory matching card game. (select 2D shapes)
Next, click here for today's lesson (Lesson 3 - Finding a quarter (1)).Next, as today's lesson doesn't lend itself brilliantly to worksheets it's another game for your learning today! Click here and select Year 1 to play.
Wednesday 8th July 2020 Spellings

Practice your spellings on spelling Which has been your favourite game? Let me know, I have had a few favourites!
Wednesday 8th July 2020 English

Today is a 'continuation' of yesterday's lesson. Mrs Pickard's group have a second comprehension (it's on yesterday's work that I uploaded). Everyone else, can you finish your story of cinderella? I have seen some wonderful examples so far! If you want to listen to some super music to help along, why not listen to these Disney Instrumental pieces?
Topic Wednesday 8th July 2020
Today you are focussing on geography. With the help of this song you should be able to name the continents (note that Australia may also be referred to as Oceania). Next, learn the names of the oceans of the world by watching this video. The have a go at this quiz and see how you do! You might need a bit of support but you should be able to name at least 2 oceans and at least 3 continents. Good luck!
Thursday 9th July 2020
Thursday 9th July 2020

Start off today by making patterns. Click here and choose level 2. If that is a bit tricky, go back to the menu and click level 1 but if it's easy for you why not try level 3?

Next, watch today's lesson here. Now you have some work to do, but again choosing the level that will suit you best. Good luck!
Maths 8th July 2020

Play forest phonics by clicking here. Today your sound is ie

You can pronounce it like 'eye', as in the words pie, cried. You can also pronounce it like 'ee', as in words such as 'shield'. Can you look at the pictures on the sheet below and write the ie word you see? There are 3 levels of challenge and a final answer sheet. The sound boxes give you a clue how many sounds are in each word.
Phonics 9th July
Thursday 9th July 2020 English
Today we are thinking about a new fairy tale- Snow White. Can you think of similarities and differences between these fairy tales? Today you are thinking of adjectives for goodies (heroes) and villains (baddies). Can you make a list of these describing words?
English 9th July 2020
Thursday 9th July 2020 Topic
Today you are starting a critical thinking activity related to being stranded on a desert island. Have a look through the powerpoint and choose 4 items to pack in your bag as the ship is sinking. Can you write which 4 items you chose and why?
Friday 10th July 2020
Friday 10th July 2020 Maths
Start off playing this game. Choose the level that suits you. It should challenge you a bit, but not confuse you completely. Next, click here for today's maths challenge. Have a go at clicking 'Get the activity' and completing one or more challenges from there. Next, click below for today's work. Write the number of the shape and write 1/2 or half if the shape is cut in half, 1/4 or one quarter for if the shape is split into quarters and draw a cross next to the number if it is neither.
Maths Friday 10th July
Friday 10th July English
Today you are going to make a lost poster for Snow White, as though you are her father looking for her. Make sure to describe how lovely she is, both the way she looks but focus on her personality. If you don't know the story you can watch it here.
English 10th July 2020
Spelling 10th July 2020
Don't forget to test your spellings today :-)
Friday Afternoon topic
Whilst you can do 'free Friday' as normal, in school we will be finishing our shipwrecked challenge. If you are at home, roll a die (if you do not have a die click here to roll one). Then see which 'scenario card' you rolled. Look back at the four objects you chose- would you survive on the island with them? Maybe you could write about it or let me know via Dojo how you did!
Monday 13th July 2020
Monday 13th July 2020 Maths

Today you are starting to learn how to tell the time. Jack Hartmann has done it again- another lovely song for you to enjoy (I'm sure parents are loving getting these catchy tunes stuck in their heads!!!) Listen to his song here. Next click here for today's lesson. Today instead of book work play a game. Unfortunately even level 1 includes a few more tricky times such as quarter past and half past, so grown ups might want to help with these ones. 
Spelling This Week

This week we don't have spellings to learn, it is a review week for the year. Can you spot Mr Whoops' mistakes? There are 3 activities to last you Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Monday 13th July 2020 English
Today we are going to invent our own variation on Snow White! Explain that in our version, the story will be set in Leeds/Kirkstall, and in the modern day! Talk about the fact that the main characters will be the same (Snow White, stepmother, father).  Recap on the traditional opening, and then compose the first part (shared writing- you can help your child by dictating back their ideas) set in your location. This may feature some known people for the dwarves’ equivalent if you wish! You only need to start the story to give readers a taste of Snow White in Yorkshire!
Topic Monday 13th July 2020

Today, have a look at this powerpoint about different types of islands. Which is your favourite? Draw and label it.

Tuesday 14th July 2020 Maths
Today you are learning to tell the time to the half hour. Click here for the lesson.  If you are finding telling the time a little tricky, which is often the case at this stage- your grown up may want to click here to practice telling the time to o'clock and half past a few more times before doing yout work. Instead of book work it is a game again today- click here for it and play level 1 then level 2 today. It refers to half past as 'thirty' so this is a good teaching point for children- half of 60 is 30, there are 60 minutes in an hour so 30 minutes is half of this. 
Spelling 14th July 2020
Refer to yesterday's work and complete activity number 2
Tuesday 14th July 2020 English
Today you will be listening to another traditional tale and making your very own story map. I'm going to give you some clues... I wonder if you can guess today's traditional tale?

Clue 1- it has 3 main characters
Clue 2- it has 1 scary baddie
Clue 3- the main characters are animals not people
Clue 4- the story setting is on a bridge!

Can you guess the story? Click here to see if you were right. 

Today you are drawing a story map. (If parents are unsure of how these could look, google 'Billy Goats Gruff Story Map' and click on images for some ideas of how this could look.) Make sure to send your story map via dojo! I also have a bonus question for you. Look at clues 1, 2 and 3. What other traditional tale could these 3 clues be describing?
Science Tuesday 14th July 2020
In class we were growing plants. Instead of this, play this fun game. Click 'grow' and watch the bottom bar as the weeks go by (obviosuly not in real-time), pull the water and heat levers when the levels get low, and if you get the balance right you will successfully grow a plant. Once you've achieved it you 'level up' to an experiment level- where you are given something to explore at the top to see what happens. Good luck!

Wednesday 15th July 2020
Maths Wednesday 15th July 2020
Today you are learning how to write time. With the worksheets attached below, you might need to write some bits out that would usually just be matched/joined up etc! Have a look here for lesson 3 'Writing Time' before choosing your level and completing the work below. If you finish quickly, make sure to practice doubles and halves to 20 and number bonds to 10 by playing hit the button here.You will need to know these ready for year 2. 
Spelling 15th July
Complete activity 3 from Monday's powerpoint activity bank.
Wednesday 15th July 2020 English
I have attached a different version of the story below. Read through it, with an adult helping on any words you struggle with- but I think you will be able to read most of this pretty well. Next, fold your book page in half vertically (you should be able to do this without a grown up helping and it is a super skill. On one side write the similarities between The Billy Goats Gruff and the story you read today, and one side write the differences. Don't forget to send them in!
Billy Dogs Gruff
Topic Wednesday 15th July

We are going to play lots of games this week, have a play on this game this afternoon. 
Thursday 16th July 2020
Maths 16th July 2020
Today's learning is lesson 4- comparing time. Click here to see it. Today's worksheet is below. Again, with no printer you may have to get a bit creative/skip a couple of questions. I have included a game for you to play, too. It is really important that by Year 2 you can tell half past and o'clock times, so make sure to practice these over summer if you are still iffy with them.

Click here to play a game
Maths Thursday 16th July

2 worksheets included- the one with clocks just go through verbally with an adult and the other select your level of challenge before having a go!

English Thursday 16th July 2020
Remember ‘Billy Dogs Gruff’ yesterday? Discuss the fact that the structure is very similar to the original tale, in that: 1) there are three animals; 2) they want to cross a river, in which there is a dangerous creature; 3) they pass over one by one; 4) the third animal outwits the dangerous creature and they all live happily! Today we are going to make up our own versions of the story, following the same pattern, but making some changes. Look at some story-setting cards (see resources), and choose one. Explain that changing the setting only may alter the story a little, e.g. If the three Billy Goats have to cross over a mountain to get to the field the other side, what might the dangerous creature be? A wolf? A yeti? Look at changing the characters. If the three goats were changed to the three frogs, how might they outwit a troll? Can you write a story today by changing the settings, animals or both? You can write it in sentences or in comic book form, drawing pictures and speech bubbles in boxes with briefer explanations below.
Spelling/reading 16th July

Flick through this powerpoint with your child and make note of any words they couldn't read immediately/ were unsure of- even a questioning tone of voice. Sit together and look at the words they struggled to read and make flashcards of these to stick around the house (moving around so they don't just learn where they are) or to flashcard in a teaching style. A good teaching point here is where and were, which are pronounced the same by some people which is really confusing to children. Use where for places (the clue is in 'here' in the spelling, it refers to places). Were is different- e.g. we were happy.

Topic 16th July 2020
Today we are making continent and ocean world maps. I have attached the work and 2 powerpoints below, and we will sing this song again. Can you draw your own?
Friday 17th July 2020
The last day of Year 1

Here it is, the last day of school! Today we will be doing some quizzes and celebrating our year. You have been amazing all year and I have had the most amazing time being your teacher. I will miss you all so much! I've included 2 of our quizzes below. Have fun today!!

Over summer if you get chance, make sure you know: The time (o'clock and half past), doubles to 20, halves from 10, and can read the common exception words for year 1 (you can find these on google if you need them.) 

See you in September!
Story Time With Mrs Straw

Year 1 wanted me to read them some stories whilst we are not at school- I have taken the requests home and will update this part of the website as and when I can! Enjoy :) you can send in any story requests and I'll have a look if I have the book in our book corner or at home. 
The Gingerbread Man

Here is our first remote story time, filmed with the class with me!

Player Loading...
How the Bear Lost His Tail

I hope you like this story chosen by our back row in class.

Player Loading...
Ideas for when you listen to the story

Take a look at the inside of the book cover (front and back) as it will give you some fun ideas/things to think about when you listen to the story.

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