Kirkstall St. Stephen’s C of E (Voluntary Aided) Primary School

Year 3

Week Beginning 01.06.20

Hello Year 3!

We hope you and your family are well, it was lovely to talk to some of you on the phone over the last few weeks. You have been up to all sorts! Exploring your local areas on beautiful local walks, playing football with your siblings and getting creative with arts and crafts. We are both enjoying this wonderful sunshine!

There are a few more activities that have been uploaded to the website this week for home learning which are listed below:

White Rose Hub have now changed how we can access their activities. I have downloaded all of the weeks and uploaded them to this page. Please complete the weeks in order because each lesson builds up for the next. If you have kept up with White Rose Maths you may find you will be on the later weeks- that's fine, just pick up where you left off. 
Remember, if you are finding White Rose Maths difficult, I have uploaded alternative activites underneath the White Rose lessons for you to complete.

You can still access the Oak National Academy  Daily English lessons (Link) which I know some of you are enjoying or the BBC Bitesize lessons (Link). I have also uploaded another English resource as I heard lots of you enjoyed the 'Jumanji' topic! (If you haven't completed the Jumanji topic, it is still uploaded below) This new topic is all about aliens! It focuses on using inverted commas, also known as speech marks. Enjoy!

There are more reading materials uploaded below. Remember to access your correct group :)

Our new topic is Rocks! You will find some reading comprehension activities in the reading section that you can enjoy. I have uploaded some baking activities you can enjoy to learn about this topic!

Our topic is still 'Far East Asia' and 'The Shang Dynasty'. All of the resources for this topic are below. Have you turned your bedroom into a travel agent's yet?

Packs Outside School
Every two weeks a new Home Learning Pack will be put outside school for you to collect, if you wish. You do not have to collect the pack but I know some of you are enjoying them! New packs are put outside on: 01.06.20, 15.06.20 and 29.06.20. 

Remember Year 3, we are not expecting you to complete all of this work, pick and choose the activities which suit you best.

We can't wait to see you all soon.
From Miss Hawes and Mrs Matthews :)


Learning from Home

Which resources should I use?

Since the start of this journey many more resources have become available to schools and parents to support the ‘learning from home’ process, including the latest resources announced by the government on Sunday.

We have steered away from the term ‘home education’ as that is and should be a choice- this current situation is not a choice, just a necessary situation.

So what resources are the right ones?

Whichever resources interest and stimulate your child the most!

If you have already found a path that works with your child, well done, do not feel you have to change from it. It doesn’t matter what you are doing- if you are doing some work in any format than that’s brilliant. The main thing is to keep exercising their brains in some way- ideally both in English and Mathematics.

However, if you still haven’t found a winning formula then maybe try some of the following:

Suggested Daily Lessons

Maths: Use the ‘White Rose Maths Hub’. All lesson videos, activity sheets and answers are downloaded into the Maths section below.

There are some work sheets here, however you can view most of them on the screen and complete the work in your books if you do not have a printer.
If you are finding the Maths work challenging, I have uploaded guidance in the Maths sections below with alternative activities which may help. 

Literacy: Both the BBC Bitesize Resources and the Oak National Academy resources may be used for your child. I suggest you choose which one to try first by asking yourself the following question:

How has my child responded to the work I have asked them to do so far?

If your child has been reluctant, or struggling to work at home for whatever reason then I would suggest you go to the BBC Bitesize site for English. There are a series of child friendly videos with attached tasks which would suit most pupils.

If your answer is more in line with- ‘my child has loved every bit of work and wants more!’

The Oak National Academy work may be more suitable. I feel it is slightly more challenging and due to the lay out and set up feels more formal and requires greater concentration.

Alternatively, if you would like to continue with the work uplaoded in the 'English' section below, please feel free. 

BBC iplayer (including red button 9am onwards) - Primary Bitesize

On top of those options detailed above, there are also BBC programmes on I-player which are different to the bbc resources on the bitesize website. They are mostly 20 minute programmes for 5-7, 7-9, 9-11 year olds of which the first episode spent about 5 minutes on a maths concept, 5 minutes on a story time, 5 minutes on history, with some quizzes thrown in.

These might appeal to you if you have limited internet devices, or a super reluctant learner!

Physical Education-

There are many options for exercising from home, with many people doing daily exercise with Joe Wicks or Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. However, any exercise that can be done at home- or safely in the neighbourhood is great. A walk, run, ride a bike, skipping. Aim to get some outdoor time each day.

Other regular activities:

Daily Reading and practise of key maths skills like basic addition and subtraction (most board games) the timestables (can use TTRS) are invaluable.  There are also some prayer ideas on our website.
Artforms Music Support services have compiled a section of online resources for Music learning and enjoyment.
The strings section includes ideas for those learning violin and there are links to Music and singing websites.


Daily Tasks:

Complete at least one of the following:
  • Maths Task
  • Maths Arithmetic Practice
  • English Task
  • Reading Comprehension
  • SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) Task
  • Practical Task

Make sure you are keeping active everyday too! I've been doing Joe Wicks PE lessons. They are keeping me fit and most of all they are fun! Click the link below to access Joe Wicks PE Lessons live at 9am Monday-Friday.
Joe Wicks PE Lessons

Tasks to be completed 3 times a week:
  • Reading
  • Spellings
  • Times Tables Rockstars (Link)
  • Daily 10 or other games on the Top Marks website (Link)
  • Mindfulness Activities

Tasks to be completed once a week:

Projects and Science Experiments
Below is a list of the new topics we are covering this half term:
  • Science- Plants
  • History- The Shang Dynasty
  • Geography- Far East Asia
  • RE- Sikhism
Below are the downloaded resources for White Rose Maths as you can no longer access the activites through their website.

I have labelled the first few weeks in a different order to the website as they have not uploaded the lessons in the same order that was uploaded previously, so please don't be confused if you click on a video link and it says its a different week to what it's labelled on here! This is because they have removed the orignal videos and lessons and duplicated them later on. This is not the same in other year groups, so if you have other siblings in the school they can complete the lessons as they were uploaded previously. 

If you find you have completed all of the weeks uploaded, please complete the alternative weeks uploaded beneath.

Also, you may find that some of the activities require you to learn your 8 times table. I have now added 8 times table to your TT Rockstars accounts for you to practice. Can you beat your score?!

The White Rose Hub links on this document will no longer work. However, there are alternative activities for the Money Maths topic if you find the White Rose Hub too challenging.

English- The Aliens are coming!

This topic follows three lessons where you design your own alien, make a comic strip and write a conversation between you and an alien visiting from outer space!

English Tasks- Zoo Keepers Wanted!

Do you have what it takes to be a Zoo Keeper? These two documents are for you to work from over the next two weeks. If you would prefer to complete the Jumanji task before this one, feel free! It's uploaded below this post.

English Task- Jumanji

These English tasks are all linked to the book: Jumanji! If you need reminders on how to use conjunctions use the poster attached to this post.

Reading Comprehension Tasks

Enjoy these reading tasks learning about our new topics. If you are in Mrs Matthews' Monday or Wednesday reading groups please use the reading tasks in the separate posts below.

Reading Comprehension- Mrs Matthews' Monday Group

If you read with Mrs Matthews' group on a Monday, complete these tasks.

The Twits by Roald Dahl

Enjoy reading and listening to The Twits by Roald Dahl read by Miss Hawes! This can be used as part of your reading activities. 

These videos are on a private youtube account, made only for KSS pupils. You can only view this video if you have the direct link, please don't share the link with people outside KSS because this will breach the guidelines given by the publishers. I have permission from Penguin Random House to read this book. These videos will all be deleted by the 30th June 2020 to agree with the current guidelines. 

Click the links below to listen
The Twits- Part 2
The Twits- Part 3
The Twits- Part 4
The Twits- Part 5

Three times a week complete a mindfulness activity to relax and reflect on this time. You can choose one of the activities, make a poster for one of the worksheets or complete a colouring activity (Take a look at the drawing I completed using a YouTube tutorial!) Copy and Paste the link below to see the Drawing Tutorial!

History- The Shang Dynasty

For our new History topic, The Shang Dynasty, you will be asking and answering wondering questions. Read the 'Wondering Questions' document first and then use the resources to help you answer those questions.

Geography- Far East Asia

Become a Travel Agent with this Geography Project! Read the 'Far East Asia' document first. Use the other uploaded resources to help you design and make your own Travel Agent's.

Science- Plants

Have a look through the different reading materials about plants. I have also uploaded a new experiment- feel free to join in at home!

Science- Rocks!

Follow the links to research our new Science topic- Rocks! The activities are all to do with baking- yum yum!

Science- Light (Follow up of our experiment)

I will be uploading a Science experiment with plants very soon! In the meantime, I have another activity for you to complete. Just before the school closure, our Science Topic was Light. We were conducting an experiment using the window in the classroom. Use the documents and resources below to see the results of our experiment.

RE- Sikhism

Our RE topic for this half term is Sikhism. Learn about the Vaisakhi Festival using the resources below. There is also a Spirited Arts and Spirited Poetry competition that you can enter. There are brilliant prizes up for grabs and a chance for your work to be uploaded onto their website!

Weekly Lesson

Please find attached a document that has been created by a large Multi Academy Trust who has been happy to share their resources. You may dip into and out of this as you wish.

Music home learning resources

Artforms Music Support services have compiled a section of online resources for Music learning and enjoyment.
The strings section includes ideas for those learning violin and there are links to Music and singing websites.
Week Beginning 25.05.20
Hello Year 3!

I hope your families are safe and well :)

This is just a message about White Rose Maths. School has purchased the subscription pack and I have downloaded all of the lessons and activities in a week to week format in the Maths section below. As children and parents you can no longer use the website to access the lessons, you can only use the resources below.  

If you are finding the activities challenging, I have uploaded alternative games and activities in the Maths section too.

Remember, every two weeks a new work booklet is put outside school for you to complete if you wish!

Happy Half Term everyone!

Miss Hawes :) 
W/B 11.05.20
Hello Year 3!
We hope you have been spending time with your family and making some memories :)
The weather has improved again so hopefully you have been able to go outside on some local walks and explore!

Please continue to use whichever routine has worked well at home. Continue to use the resources uploaded previously or use the table which has more information below.

We have uploaded a few more activities onto the school website for this week which are listed below:

  • All of the lessons on the Fractions topic have now been uploaded below.
  • White Rose Hub have now uploaded revision lessons on Money (Which we just finished before school closed). Please use the videos on White Rose Hub to access these. We have also uploaded some alternative activities and games for this topic below.
  • We have uploaded more reading material on our Science topic- Plants
  • We have uploaded a Science experiment for you to make predictions about. (If you have the materials at home- feel free to join in)

Keep sending in your KSS Challenge entries to . Well done to Erica who uploaded a lovely picture that can be seen on the video, it put a huge smile on our faces :) Did you spot Miss Hawes' and Mrs Matthews' entries? We had fun creating ours!

We hope you and your families are well, we really miss each and every one of you. You are all so special and wonderful!

We look forward to seeing you very soon,
Miss Hawes and Mrs Matthews :) 
Easter Holiday Activities

Happy Easter Year 3! Read the Easter Activity documents below. Enjoy this time with your family :)

Hello Year 3!
I hope you are all well.

I've uploaded a video to say a quick hello and give you an update about the work I am going to upload for next week. 
Here's the video link :

I'm missing you all.
Take care
From Miss Hawes :) 


Week 2
(W/B 30.03.20)
Year 3 Home Learning

Hello Year 3,
I hope you are all safe and happy :) I am uploading the work for you to do this week. Fingers crossed the sun comes out again this week!
Complete all of your work in your homework books. You don't need to print off any of the worksheets, just write the answers in your books (If you have a printer feel free to print off the work and stick it into your homework books if you prefer to do that). Please refer back to the main school closure page for the suggested timetable. 
I'm not expecting you to complete all of this work, pick a range of teh activities that suit you.

Daily Tasks:
Try to complete at least one of the following:

  • One Maths worksheet  (New Tasks will be uploaded regularly)
  • One English task (New Tasks will be uploaded regularly)
  • One Reading Comprehension worksheet (The Reading Section is below)
  • One SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) worksheet (The SPAG section is below)

Also, you should aim to be active for at least once a day. This could be a workout DVD, a local walk or something else of your choice.
Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, live streams a PE lesson everyday at 9am on his YouTube Channel. You don't have to join in for the live stream, all of his videos are automatically saved to his YouTube channel. Link Below. 

The Body Coach YouTube

Tasks to be completed at least three times a week:
  • Reading- Create a Log in for Oxford Owl- it's free and you get access to different e-books and comprehension activities
Click here for the Oxford Owl website

I will also be uploading a video of myself reading a book next week so you can watch and join in with that as part of your reading practice
  • Spelling Practice (Word Lists are below)
  • Times Table Rockstars
  • Daily 10 or Top Marks 
  • Practice Mindfulness (The Mindfulness section is below and has new activities added)
Tasks to be completed Once  a week
  • Topic Work (Stone Age to Iron Age)
  • Science Work (Scientists and Inventors) 
From Miss Hawes and Mrs Matthews :) 

Possible School Closure – Year 3 work to do at home

All Year 3 children have been given extra homework for the next few weeks. Please complete this in your homework book as well as some of the activities below. 

In the event that school closes, below are worksheets for the children to complete. If possible, try and follow the guidelines below. There are also some extra challenges including times table rock stars that the children can access during school closure (log in details in their homework books). Please continue to practise your lines for our production, as we will be rearranging the date of this once we are back!

Any work you do complete, do in your homework book. 

Please see the suggested timetable on the main school closure page for how much time should be spent on academic activities. 

Daily- try to complete at least one of the following:

One Maths page from the activity booklets OR daily 10 activity (website 

One activity from the Writing tasks, English booklet, reading comprehension OR a SPAG (Spelling Punctuation and Grammar) sheet

One Practical idea OR creative homework task 

Three times a week

Reading a book

Year 3 and 4 spelling practice

Practice mindfulness

The Body Coach Workouts will be live streamed every weekday at 9am and available from his youtube channel linked below.
The Bodycoach YouTube

Maths Activity Booklet

Bar Charts and Pictograms

Extra Maths work

Revising the four operations- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The answers are in the same document.

Writing Tasks

Write a diary entry from a fairy tale character's perspective and describe story settings (This will be useful for when we come back and write descriptions of our own settings!)

English Booklet

English activities based around Spring

Topic- History- Stone Age to Iron Age

We have already learnt about weapons, artifacts, cave painting, Skara Brae and Stonehenge. Click on the PDF to learn about Druids and make your own Druid Crown. You can create a band for around your head using paper or card. Stick on items to your crown that you have drawn or collect items whilst on a local walk with an adult.

Science- Scientists and Inventors

Create a poster for your favourite Scientist or Inventor.

Reading Comprehension Tasks

Here you will find Reading Comprehension about our Science and History Topic this half term. If you are in Mrs Matthews reading group on a Monday or Wednesday please use the documents in the section below.

Just for Fun!

Hi Year 3! At the start of every week I'll upload a weekly puzzle, I'll upload the answers on Friday. This week the puzzles are word ladders!

This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of
all children, and expects our staff and volunteers to share this commitment.